25 Mar 2011

Moving House

It is the eve of moving so am all packed up and ready to go..Camden here I come! The Zoo related news to this is I shall be internet-less for a while, so no updates. Fear not, the Zoo continues and I will have an uber upload once the interwebs hit our new house :D

21 Mar 2011

days 55, 56 and 57 better!

starts off slow with some rushed skelton birds, kind of like skelanimals i suppose.was looking at the rubber duckies on my pjs and made a skeleton version.

next up and after a hectic weekend after seeing the room on friday night (freaking hilarious, best worst movie ever made!) then out and about in east london on sat, hense just the ducks to show for it. i had some time on sunday to sketch an animal in the morning and i reverted to my old fave, a capuchen monkey ie: marcel from friends!although this monkey is not so chipper!

so we move onto day 57!

and today was a new week to work on shots, its also move week as come saturday i am camden bound! i am also very very poor atm due to the flat so in order to buy green day's new album, i had to use up my hmv voucher i got for my birthday.only spending i can do is off gift cards doh!

anyho so in honour of hmv which now owes my last £10 (store credit i suppose so their £10 really) i looked into a bit more of the history of 'his master's voice' (thats what hmv stands for dontcha know. mainly the logo as ive always know for some odd reason the dog is called nipper (i got this right on a test hmv set me when i once applied to be an employee (many moons ago, pre-animation time). so in honour of old nipper and his curious expression at the old grammerphone, heres a nice punked up version of nipper :D
anyway back to the packing.......!

Days 52,53 and 54

Not much to tell on these three days.....watched a karate kid review so drew a quick, wax on wax off pose. and a flying pig of course!

next up for day 53, i was inspired by watching the black cauldron ( dark disney film, that disney have pretty much disowned) and drew with gurgi in mind, the dog/ape thing that becomes friends with the lead'kinda cute critter.

lastly, not much time so a sour looking lizard thing for day 54

16 Mar 2011

day 48 sloth 49 50 and 51 the end of the horse of war

day 48 and i drew something a little close home ;P a creature that reminds me of bjarni in the morning...a sloth! also this marks a first for the zoo, a landscape image using the edge of the paper as part of the picture!love him!another thing to celebrate is the first saturday off work in ages woooooooooooooo! we celebrated with a trip to the new flat to see how it was progressing, a wander round camden and a trip to the beatles store ooooooooooooo!!! then out for drinks in east london with olly and anna. was very good!

day 49
not much to say....i rushed the zoo due to relaxing :/ so reverted to what i know, my billie character and a mouse!

DAY 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I MADE 50 DAYS OF THE ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome!i'm quite happy about it, heres to the next 50!!!!!!!!!!!!

drew from the weekly poker class.....a king of hearts! and a scary looking dog ornament that was on the mantle piece of the pub...and we arrive at day 51! the end of warhorse! submitted my last piece of work for the horse this eveing...phew!that was super tough!this compositing lark is blooming hard but awesome fun. i'm looking forward to johnny english 2 now!!!! let the games begin again tomorrow!

heres a giraffe


day 46 and do you feel lucky punk?! heres my lucky rabbit, think a rottweiller may have got at him previously but he's still going.he's a fighter!

not so lucky is the next day when i worked worked worked worked worked my ass off. i hope the sketch explains how i felt by 11pm still at my desk.....................

days 43 44 and 45 work eats my soul!

day 43

less productive on the zoo front urgghh lame elephant thing and a little stick man to show how i was feeling this monday morning...i don't like mondays...tell me why?! i don't like mondays!!

next up another poker night at the champion with sean and bjarni and only one drawing tonight as i joined in for some gambling!and failed but was good fun!
like the kittie!

day 45 beacons and after a few weeks of very very late nights i decide to have a night off and go see a movie with bjarni. we saw 'rango' and its great, just beautifully done and the renders and detail!also very adult in theme and language, just excellent, congrats ILM!
here are some rango themed doodles from after the screening....

15 Mar 2011

Days 39, 40, 41,42

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!horses are driving me crazy!

now thats out my system... day 39 and today was a sad day, was frustrated at work and with how stuff was going so heres my sad hangdog bloodhound for the day

boooo :( day 40 feeling much more happy and with a new found energy i set off to work and had a much better day, although less time for drawing so heres another JOEY!bit lame this time but also a tortoise to make up for it

so we move onto day 41 and work on a saturday booooooooo!i used the time on the tube to rough out some tortoise ideas i had, clinging onto a car and being dragged along and finalised it after work at bjarni's house and was quite pleased with the result.then we settled down to watch...the human centipede?!wtf was that movie its hilarious and very very silly...watch it!

next day and back to work again for day 42 of the daily zoo!!!!!!!!had some time in the morning before heading off to work to draw while eating breakfast...guess which cereal i had? :P

then added a winter version of me later int he day while rendering, just cos! like the style bit different to how i normally draw me

2 Mar 2011

Day 35, 36, 37 and 38

Day 35.... After a relax and see my friend Ashley who gives me a belated birthdat pressie, I draw a Whoopie Pie as mum baked some and they are delicious yum yum!!!!American snack foods rule!!!!!
Also after watching a Red Dwarf omnibus on my mum's t.v I draw a weird robot cat...not to be confused with the character Kat from the show!

It's cold outside theres no kind of atmosphere, all alone, more or less!!!!!!!!!!

Day 36

After a trip to the dentist (owch) I return straight to London for work with a numb face (booooooo!) and carry on til late at work. Then I head to Bjarni's to fill in our paperwork for the new flat...this was time then zoo time and I ended up with a platypus (for my aussie friend Heath!) and a rabbit for Bjarni whose exposed bottom is leaving him a little worried!

day 37 (1st March!)

Wow kept this going now woooo! I love the zoo, it gives me focus no matter how busy or stressed. Today's number was done while waiting for Bjarni to finish work, you guessed it...uber late! Any other job kicks out at 6pm but not VFX we are hardcore! i drew this from Bjarni's desk...it's Buddy Bear, the icelandic polar bear craddling his 'polar beer' that I got him for his desk...

day 38:

I stayed with the bear theme today..heres a Chris Sanders inspired speed piece again.....

Day 34

Day 34 As if I didn't get enough Grohl the day before...he's a quick character version of him...before my slog at work starts (on a Saturday) and then home to Portsmouth for a rest!

Day 30, 31, 32 and 33 (FOO DAY!)

Day 30
Not much to tell....a nonplussed cow and a Chris Sanders inspired cat.... This is what happens when your day is rush rush rush with deadlines and flat viewings...the good news is...we saw the flat! It's half built but perfect...Stayed tuned...
Day 31
More work work work...which means...more horses!!!!!!!!! Only today whilst rendering I made Joey a little less butch...and a lot more camp...

Unicorn time!

day 32

Not much time at all for zoo as deadlines loom...heres some rough pen sketches I made:

Day 33 Foo-day!!!!!!!!

Today I finish work slightly earlier than the last few nigths (10pm eeek!) and go see my favourite band in the whole wide world the Foo Fighters :D

Its a good day also for a number of reasons, knowing I can't take my sketchbook into the front of a mosh pit, I plan ahead and draw 2 drawings after midnight (so technically Friday) and sketch out a drumming fool... (could be an excited me!) and a rabbit girl. I then add a seal to the mix at 8am, happy that I will continue the zoo the next day as normal after Foo-day is done.
Then at work we get a great suprise...We got our flat!!!!Woo! So I head off to Wembley Arena a very happy bunny indeed....And they were fantastic! Check out my fb for more pics....

Days 26,27,28 and 29!

After finishing work and heading down to Bjarni's floor, I found my friend's Sam and Sean playing Bjarni in a game of poker. After gaining some...interesting suggestions from Sam on what to add to the zoo today, I ended up with a warthog and an axolotl (think thats the spelling?!)...the world's happiest salamander! Very cute, please google him! I then joined the game and lost...oh well!

After a short evening out, we then moved onto Day 27.............Househunt day eeeeeekkk! A day of rushing around to find a place to live. Not too much luck but booked solid all enxt week in lunchbreaks so fingers crossed for a good one! The day was knackering but good in the evening after we headed to a local pub to meet Sean and his girlf for the secret comedy club where we saw a secret gig of the wonderful Dave Gorman (of googlewack fame) and Chris Addison which was brilliant :) Then we collapsed back at Bjarni's! So in honour of 'moving' theme I drew a hermit crab, because they move house as it were by getting a new shell when they like... Also theres a guy straining to pick up a rock....drawn far too near the top of the paper and a fox and a tiny dog!So onto Day 28 we go...and the tiredness continues as I am a fool and...HEAD TO WORK ON A SUNDAY eeeek! It's not too bad and I get a lot done, hence not much zoo-age til later. We head to see 'Paul' the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie (whom I adore) and its great quite geeky and funny. So the zoo creature of the day is quite similar to the main star....and he's out of this world!

Day 29 and back to work again! Today's is a mix bag...the main picture inspired by Luke who I sit with...the DuckTigre!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 25!

Had some time to sketch today using the new Disney books...here are three pages of good old fashioned blue pencil sketches. One's my Billie character I always draw, a man, a young girl and the rest are animals including Vampire Cat's first foray into the daily zoo!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I'm Amy Davis! I am a character designer/compositor/animator who currently works for the VFX studio Framestore. Enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me at amy_davis86@hotmail.co.uk and on 07515060296.