3 May 2010


Felt like doodling a lizard/alligator thing...he's called Tubbs.

Framestore Doodles!

When I take notes I have have have to doodle at the same time, I can't help it it's like a sickness! Anyway here is a collection of doodles created during the production of Clash of the Titans and Nanny Mcphee 2....which explains the pigs but not so much the alien rabbits and dinosaurs.....!

Something Green....

Doodling a cartoon version of Billie-Joe Armstrong, as he's a grown up version of my kid character and thought I'd put him on stage.


The first image of VampireCat I did, nice and outlineless!


Toying with a new cartoon as me, I came up with this with two characters I've been developing...VampireCat and Fluffles!Not finished and rough background but makes a change from the black n pink combo picture I've used for years :D

The Gun Show!

Heh Heh! This is a drawing i did for a friend of another friend of ours who we refer to as 'The Gun Show'.

wild things!

i haven't updated my blog in so long its ridiculous!so i'll start with an image i quickly sketched to commemorate 'Where The Wild Things Are' being released in the u.k last year.as for the whole of last year, all i did was stare at wild things! :D

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