16 May 2011

day 112 and 113 sink monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we blocked our new sink......opps!so i drew what i thought was blocking it up!

think i was inspired by the wuzzles with this one, its a dragon thing....with fluff...i think!and a quick mouse!done late at work while waiting for bjarni to finish up so i could go home!

days 109 110 and 111! 31b forever!!!!!!!!!!

day 109!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chip chip chip chip n dale...rescue rangers.....chip chip chip chip chip n dale when theres danger!!!!!!!!
my favourite tv show as a kid was chip n dale rescue rangers, i loved it, i loved it so much i followed chip n dale round magic kingdom when i went to disney world at 10, desperate for a photo and their autographs!i bought my most treasured possessions on that trip, my rescue ranger teddies. 15 years old and they will never leave my side, along with billy bear and snoopy!sad but everyone has a special item that that means a lot to them, mine happens to be two chipmunks!

anyway i found out that a independant comic had gained the rights to classic disney afternoon shows to turn into comics. if you are a child of the 80's/early 90's you will remember the disneytime lineup of ducktails, gummi bears, chip n dale, darkwing duck, tailspin, wuzzles and many more! these were good quality disney shows that wipe the floor with any of the crap thats on the disney channel now. anyway they have started a darkwing duck comic and more importantly.................a rescue rangers one!!!!!!!!!!!!obviously i had to get hold of an issue so off to forbidden planet me and ian went and luckily they had one!the art is great, i also grabbed 2 issues of darkwing duck and felt disney inspired. so i drew my fave animal in a rescue ranger stylee!

day 110!
late one at the office, doing snow squibs again ahhh!so i drew a posh boy whose been on a gap year curtosy of mummy and daddy and is dressed a bit scummy/hippy but its actually all from the gap and cost a bomb.he bought some bongo's for that authentic feel!
day 111
not much time today for drawing as i had a brilliant day and night out with my old 31b girls molly and sam.we went to a great pizza place and then lots and lots of bars and had a great catchup.mol's off to washington for 10 weeks next month so was a chance to catch up before then. shes off to the smithsonian museum to do an internship making models which is very cool!

107 and 108!!!!!!


was flicking through one of my old uni sketchbooks and saw a werewolf drawing i did waaaay back in 2006 while on break from uni and working at portsmouth city council in the help desk department.and what a thrill that was!done many stints at old pcc and as nice as some of the people were (others were complete dicks) and the variety of different departments and buildings i got to work in,it definately solidfied the fact thta i never want to work in that kind of position again!on the plus side, i doodled a lot on all my stints as a desk jockey and have loads of sketch books full of random doodles and drawings to look back on.

i actually prefer my original sketch i did but this one was rushed and i was trying to make it different.i guess i need to watch more horror stuff again to inspire myself! :D

on a second note, heres someone familiar to the blog but hasn't actually been drawn in a long time...bunny boy! bit different this time, hey,maybe i will develop him further again as i always liked drawing him and the style is my favourite!
day 108

pub doodles!!!!!

the usual poker festivities happened so i got some drawing time in, had a few pints so that explains the chip?!

polar bear bjarni!!!!!!

day 103,104,105 and 106

103: as requested by mr chris cooper......here is a zombie monkey about to eat him..... and a shark as dr who flopping out of a tradis. a rough sketch as i was short on time, may try again tomorrow!day 104

lol here is another dr who...tooth baker!!!!!!!!!!!!
day 105:
watching too much family guy on bbc3 since we got our big tv...so i think this horse has a family guy-ish quality to it.bit random......says the girl who posted a shark dressed as dr who yesterday...!
the next lot are a bit meh, just line drawings with minimal construction lines

day 106:
another day thats a bit meh,nothing too exciting here!

day 101 and 102

day 101!no dalmations i'm afraid but some research drawing. i used the daily zoo as my influence for the day, a dazed racoon, a naked molerat and some dog/bat/stitch like creatures!liking my racoon and the molerat is oddly cute!

day 102!

next up more influenced fun with 'the illusion of life' being my muse today. i tend to try not to copy and use elements of work in my own pieces so these are part frank thomas and ollie johnstone and part mine. was fun to look through the book again, goddamn heaviest book ever!but so inspiring and beautiful and informative.every line tells a story and conveys emotion. wonderful!

Day 100!!!!!!!

I made it to 100 days woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome!didn't have much time to celebrate though so a quick sketch of me celebrating.

2 May 2011

lounge lizard and royalty

next up day 95 and another long weekend wooooooo!so based on some poker action i drew a lounge lizard playing some poker.

day 96-
the royal wedding day which was fun to watch,very pomp and british!then went off to an alternative royal party house party which was good fun til 3am.not much tiome to draw so an alien type thing, not great but oh well!

day 97

robots was on tv so hres some robot based stuff.went to an all night warehouse part in east london which was crazy but despite not liking the music was good fun!

rat time!!!!!!!!!!!he's pretty sad but ok!

day 99 (one more day til 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

heres a late royal image!after all this royalty this weekend, i drew a duck king!

Day 90-94

yo yo! here is an arctic bird bjarni said to draw.

happy easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heres a chick and a bunny.drawn a little drunk!after having a great afternoon and evening at penny and damo's house with a bbq and an inpromptu wall drawing session.

day 92 is a zombie day!
next up is day 93 a anime style bunny robot thing.kinda sonic the hedgehog styleeee

day 94

today i decided to research and work from reference. i pulled out my peter de seve sketchbook and found some inspiration.the first drawing is one of his and got me limbered up.then i moved onto a wolf 'seve' style and a unicorn. next up was very version of a toad seve had drawn and my billie character.
i love my artist sketchbooks, they inspire me and keep me sane. there are beautiful pieces of art that just continue to inspire me no matter how many times i see them and make me want to drawn more and more.

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