31 Jul 2011

day 124, 125 and 126 sarah's birthday and zena's hen do!

day 124:
back to pompey for a night out for sarah's birthday which was fabulous!had to be a quiet one as i was also home for zena's hen weekend in bristol so an early morning train awaited me!
so i drew the star child from kiss (animal style) to represent sarah's obsession with all things 'star' (the shape) related!

day 125:
zena's hen! bristol is fab, we had an amazing cocktail making class in vodka revolutions then dinner at zizi's, then party games and the introduction of roger...

there he is strutting his stuff heheh! who then came with us on the night out round bristol!a great evening with lots of penis related things.i drew this before we went out:
day 126: back from bristol after looking round the touristy places and then straight off to a gig at the wedgewood rooms!one of my fave artists in the world, frank turner.we even got to meet him after!drew a baby cos i saw my baby cousin matthew inbetween train and gigging!
heres the picture of me and frank!

all in all an awesome weekend!

chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 121 122 and 123

day 121:
and another requested animal.was in nandos with bjarni and his friends and olly was quite taken with betsy his chicken to be, so i drew her...before he ate her!

day 122

123a royal corgi!

day 119 and 120

119 is lizard time, he's scheming something, probably with his evil leader the great slither!

120 is for seany d:

an aardvark that changed into a kangerroo/aardvark creation halfway through!hybrid creature..named archibalda!


5 weeks later and i have my laptop back!screw you currys for being so shit though!but oh well, back to the blog at last!i left it at 113....i'm now on day 189!eeeek!so heres to some mega scanning! and uploads!day 114 first:

drawn after seeing pirates of the carribean 4:on stranger tides...it was alright, johnny depp was gorgeous as usual!
this reminds me of the head in the simpsons basement!
bunny boy makes another apperance!

day 117
day 118 is a bit wild thing :D

13 Jul 2011


This sucks, still no laptop back :(

Up to day 170...I'm gonna have a mammoth scanning session when it returns! (Hopefully next week while I'm on leave from work)!

Moving off Johnny English Reborn this Friday after a lot of hard work and onto Sherlock Holmes 2 for the final push to delivery. The film looks great am excited about working on the second film as I did a little bit on the first and really liked the film. And a chance to stare at RDJ and Jude Law all day wooo! An improvement on Mr Bean's face that's for sure!

5 Jul 2011

STill no computer! :(

Still no word on my laptop so still chugging away with sketches but no uploads booooooooo! :( Also we had a flood in our flat which caused no end of trouble. As yet no electrical equipment got damaged but i do fear for my printer's plug which was on the floor and without a computer to test it, won't know til I get it back if its ok. Boooooooo! :(

Uploads soon I hope!

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