14 May 2012

the real vampire cat! 358-360

almost at the end of the first year!
day 358
the real vampire cat!this is based off a real photo i found on the net of a cute kitten with some fake mini fangs and some bat wings.so freaking cute!
 day 359
after vampires, i wanted to draw some sheep the prey of many a beastie!
 day 360
a mixed bag: an eye and a kangeroo.aslo a big floppy doggy

day 352-357

day 352
dogoctopus! i've taken to making up my own hybrids now to keep it fresh!heres a dooctopus and he is loving life!
 day 353
another foray into the pen collection, a cutey bunny this time
 day 354
a mixture of rubbish!
 day 355
me in my winter gear including the awesome cat hat! its freaking cold out here peeps at the moment!
 day 356
sad panda is sad!
 day 357
dingo time!

day 349-351 seahorse!

day 349
raccoon crossed with a beaver!
 day 350
needs no introduction.......llama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like my seahorse, he's kinda cute and spikey :)

BOOK 6!!!!! day 348

day 348
book 6 begins with a proper test of the new marker pens i got at cass arts with the sketch book. loving them!hope you like this rare foray into colour (well grey anyway!

day 346 and 347 end of book 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 346
heres a fatty!
 day 347

and with this sheep and a test of my new marker pens is the end of BOOK 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!how nuts!and still not at the end of the year! 6 books it is!

day 341-345 ICELAND NYE!!!

day 341
drawn at heathrow departure lounge, off to iceland to see bjarni and spend new year with his friends and family again :) a couple of doggies.got to iceland at 11pm and immediatly went to bjarni's friend's house for drinks and then out to an irish pub in keflavik which was great fun!
 day 342
NYE!!!! 2011 almost over 2012 to begin! here is a puffin (iceland's bird). we got dressed up and went to bjarni's sister's house for a huge NYE dinner (like xmas or thanksgiving) then the watched all the icelandic NYE programmes while waiting for the big event. the fireworks! icelanders are insane, every man woman and child shoots up display size fireworks in the street!madness!such a great experience. then we head to a party on the old US airbase in the biggest apartment ever!great night!back at 6am!lol!
 day 343
lots and lots of rest today!heres a dino thats kinda got a don bluth vibe to him
 day 344
ne swimming in the blue lagoon. we also went to the observatory in reykjavik which was really cool, great views of the city at night and an indoor geyser. so much snow this year (had hardly any last year!) was nice in he cold yet swimming around in the hot water.awesome!!!!!!!
 day 345
heres an owl!

the holiday season!!merry christmas!

day 335
xmas eve time!!!!!!!!!back home in portsmouth for the festivities before jetting off to iceland for NYE!
heres a cous cous! ok not very festive but with a name like cous cous you can't go wrong and new animal for the zoo! followed by a few drunkard hours at the deco with my friends before xmas day :)
 day 336 Christmas Day!!!!!!!!
a festive drawing at last :) a penguin! had a great xmas day, first one where my mum has hosted instead of my nan and she did alright, nice food and no problems!i got a kindle from my mum :)
 day 337
back to non festive already, a bat instead! boxing day involved looking through pressies and sadly a sickly oliver ruined our usual drinkies but we soon made up for it at my uncle kevs a few days later.
 day 338
sleepy doggie, a westie for my nan :)
 day 339
drew one of the chip n dale plushies i have, this one is chip!also a spider just cos!
 day 340
lastly here is my duckie that zena bought me for my birthday that hangs off my small shiny bag with my london dungeon bear.his eyes bulge out like crazy!he also reminds me of the ashduck who i got to see today before he heads back up north!

day 331-334 festive time almost upon us!

day 331: heres a nice lion boy, bit cowardly lion style.
 day 332
bit of a mean stitch but liking my little alien doll toy under!
 day 333
drawn at my desk at work directly into my framestore notepad and then cut out and stuck in the zoo :) doodling, what what waiting for renders is for!
 day 334
a quickie of my little bear from the london dungeon!

day 325 to 330!

day 325
heres my version of a futurama head, noone famouse but similar styleeee
 day 326
felt like some studying, some cracked out the simpson's art book and drew from the model sheets some hands and feet.good fun to do
 day 327
 day 328
an elf boy, bit peter pan, bit link!me thinks!
 day 330
reminds me of toothless!

day 321-324

day 321
looking at my nuke button me and adam made ages ago to hold our prep station gizmos, i decided to try and recreate the alien bunny. now this guy is different, he has extra limbs from the original and is very blue but still cool.
 day 322
some quick character sketches, liking the two more realistic guys and lol to nervous guy, he obviously dodged a bullet!
 day 323
angel prays, from a different angle than usual
 day 324
badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 316-320 rude boi sheep, kigurumi's and more

day 316

After yesterday's stitch, i thought i'd do a new me character and what better outfit than another attempt at me in my kigurumi :)

day 317
some speedy squirrel sketches
 day 318
felt like sketching at work during some down time so picked up my pen and started drawing. ended up with a american eagle, not bad not bad.i enjoyed sketching him out
 day 319
can't go a while without drawing something horror based so heres a dopey frankenstein monster.he's a sweetie really!
 day 320
this guy reminds me of those rude boi kids with their polo shirts and t4 haircuts.hipster kid!for some reason he's also a sheep...hmmm i wonder why!!!

day 315 yoda stitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 315

sort of drawn from life, here is my wonderful stitch plushie i got from disneyland paris, he's yoda stitch (bought from the star tours ride!). i love him and would love a tron stitch to match :)

day 312 to 314 amish dino rabbits!

day 312

watched a new show about the amish people, fascinating viewing about such a different culture to our own. i'd love to visit despite not being religious or believing in their particular beliefs or way of life, i respect them for living outside the norm and sticking together. the uk kids staying with them seem profoundly touched too.anyhoo less chat, heres an amish!

 day 313
a happy bunny, he's a superbunny!
 day 314
this dinosaur is feeling awfully sad and lonely.

day 309-311 buff panda!

day 309
comes in 3 parts!starts with a buff panda! liking my silly bee and sad duck!

 day 310
was thinking about cow and chicken so drew something similar from memory, not bad going back over 10 years.
 day 311
a whooly mammoth and rosita from cartman's hand!

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