29 Mar 2012

UPDATE! updates on hiatus again!

It's vampire cat in the flesh!

So I moved house, few minutes up the road from my old flat to Kentish Town. New flat is lubbly jubbly but alas no internet at home to upload anything to the blog, doh! So the uploads will come soon and there are plenty of them! Up to Day 431 in real time!!!!!!!!!!and started a new book last week....BOOK 7!!!!!!!

The good new about the new flat is, I get my own study so have an art room to work in in the evenings :) yay!

So hopefully internet from the 10th April, stay tuned for more doodles and poodles!

17 Mar 2012

day 275-277

day 275
man i had the sneezes this day, go much sneezing, kinda ended up influencing the zoo so heres a raccoon sneezing his guts out!

day 276#
bit wizardy think i was a bit potterfeid that day but thought i'd go old school kiddy wizard instead with a star outfit!

day 277
decided to grab some reference so did some work from one of my french artbooks from annecy, hadn't looked at wendling for a while so grabbed it and did some studies.

day 270, 271,272, 273 and 274

day 270!
got the xbox going and have borrowed red dead redemption so in a quick break from playing here is a quick cowboy!
day 271
simply a bear!

day 272
a cuddly kittie!!!!!very cute, want him for real!

day 273
quick sketches and doodles

day 274
hair!bjarni loves this movie so we sat down and watched it, was very good, catchy songs and lots and lots of hair!the age of aquarius!!!!!so i drew a hair bear bunch!

day 267, 268 and 269

Giraffe, Boy and a Horse!

day 267

a bit of a dimwitted giraffe!
day 268

boy going doi!
day 269
lots of dimwittedness these past three days, heres a horse with more tongue!

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