24 Oct 2011

day 178

day 178-had a day shopping and lunching with penny which was fantastic.we went for tea at a fancy resturant (literally afternoon tea) and shopped and i got an awesome beatles tshirt.
i drew some penguins!

Grants Museum of Zoology-my week off

day 176- some fish!

day177-had a week off to explore some of london's museums so decided to visit some places i've always wanted to go to but hadn't had time to.
first up was grant's museum of zoology which is a small museum with loads of bones and jars of preserved animals of all sorts of species.it was amazing and great to draw from.i hope to return soon!

day 173,174 and 175

heres 3 days!
a screaming bear and then 2 days of chris sander's work.i love his style its so unique!


here is the day's 168-172

day167 Zena's Wedding Day

day 167 was done in the hotel room as we got ready on zena's wedding day. the day was great, zena looked beautiful and despite being nervous about walking down the aisle we pulled it off :0 a great day all round.the meal was great and the speeches were hilarious and touching. david and boppa had a brilliant day.i asked bop what she wanted drawn for the day and she chose a butterfly which i obliged as a bridal butterfly!

back on! day 166 devil!

woooooooooooooooooo 166 back online so heres the uploads!

day 166

17 Oct 2011


after an evening of scanning, i have successfully caught back up with myself.so now all my dailyzoo's are just waiting for our damn internet to be sorted out and the uploads will resume yay!i'm up to day 267 in real time and have some great entries i'm looking forward to sharing, including some life drawing!

11 Oct 2011

Still here!onto day 261 in real time...more uploads soon!

i am waaaaaay behind on uploads cos now virgin media are twats and have cut off our internet, nothing to do with us!just a lot of unnecessary stress and they are like oh sorry didn't think to check it was you who ordered the cancellation. well it wasnt!don't give our phone line away ahhh! anyway that rant over....

i have been scanning so the new uploads exist, they just aren't on here :( so hopefuklly more updates will come this way soon!wish i could do it from work!doh!

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