3 Oct 2007

My Grad Film!!! Presenting....One Devil and His Dog

This the film I made this year with my good friends Tony and Nathan....I produced, animated and character designed and generally kept the clogs turning along with Tony :-)

Petrified in Pink-various...

Film Idea I had a while ago, did some basic production work for it, specializing in characters...This sheet shows the different stages the Bunny Boy character went through. The premise of the film was a teenage boy ordering a 'Donnie Darko' style rabbit costume for a cool kids party on Halloween and he ends up in a pink girlie bunny suit :-) The story follows him to the party where the popular kids bully him and evolve into real-life monster versions of the alloween costumes they are wearing and basically chase him through various send ups of horror movies. The film was styled with a Klasky Csupo style, which reflected on how the character ended up looking (bottom of page centre is accurate).
These are characters based on famous horror stalwarts and a few randoms from my mind....I'm a horror movie freak, I loved researching for this project!!!

The storyboards: these are just a selection of the many panels I drew. Also the PhotoShop final colour version of 'Bunny Boy' is in the top right corner.
The original model sheet for 'Bunny boy' before I made his limbs more long and gangely and his body short and square. At the time i liked this design but he defiantly improved once I changed the proportions. The colours however, remained very similar through all of the project.
Lots of human characters, some random ideas all put together!!
Work for 'Man on the Hill' a production I worked on a year ago, did some character experimentation with ink and different styles. The film was quite experimental in story and design so I had to think in a different way when designing the main characters. He ended up more silhouette in style but still sketchy,much like above...
Visit to Marwell Zoo,drew some monkeys wooo!!!! I was studying them for a friend's film pitch, his monkey character needed some design help so drew from life to get some ideas for him :-)
And now the randoms....a mix-up of 'One Devil' stuff, some monkeys for my friend's film pitch, Pimpsey ended up more like the monkey on the left and doodles!!!!!!!!

25 Sep 2007

life drawing

a round up of life drawing.........on my new layout :-)

dog's page

spent a lot of time drawing dogs for my grad film 'One Devil and His Dog'. Heres some doodles! :-)


Trips to Marwell etc,drawing different animals from life and characterisation.

10 Aug 2007

Video Store Wars

Another updated post....my idea for a short called 'Video store wars'. Haven't had time to do much for this project yet but am pleased with this PhotoShop image as a start. A new big chain video store opens up across the street from an older independent store and the battle for customers between the two employees escalates!! the first character, the clerk at the old store is a similar sort of character to Simon Pegg's character Tim in the tv show 'Spaced', laid back, skater guy who refuses to grow up. The second character is based loosely on 'The Simpsons' Comic book Guy and is fat, lazy and greedy for money. Anyho these are rough first designs so will evolve them soon!

2 Aug 2007

colour humans in the style of 'One Devil and His Dog'

These characters were the mock ups I did in PhotoShop in the style we wanted the film's human characters to look like. The marching band character ended up actually in the film along with some others and they are important because they tested the sketchy line and colour style the overall film ended up with.

Bearenstein....new images!!!

I had a post on here called Bearenstein earlier in the year which i have now updated to include some more images and more story ideas!!!
He's still rough and needs working on but I'm liking how the idea is developing. In short the character is a little teddy bear whose been fashioned together like Frankenstein, he's made up of old bits of teddy bear and is a mismatch.
I have now created two human characters for the story, a little boy with his perfect teddy bear and his older sister who has lost her own teddy from her childhood and feels just as mixmatched as Bearenstein.
Anyway they are on my new portfolio layout so enjoy!

24 May 2007

Link to my showreel!!!

sketch sketch sketch!!!!

more sketches done with ink and pencil.

quick poses

simple line quality quick poses to capture shape and definition

Slash :-)

One of the regular models always makes me smile as she has long frizzy hair and always wears huge glasses, just add a top hat and a cigarette and u have guns n roses/velvet revolvers slash in your sketchbook! :- )

older life drawing

was having a flick through my protfolio and came across these drawings i did last year.

One Devil and His Dog!!!!!!!!

Work from my grad film 'One devil and His Dog'. These include model sheets, final screen shots from the finished film, character turnaround, promo art and background stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Hey, I'm Amy Davis! I am a character designer/compositor/animator who currently works for the VFX studio Framestore. Enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me at amy_davis86@hotmail.co.uk and on 07515060296.