3 Oct 2007

Petrified in Pink-various...

Film Idea I had a while ago, did some basic production work for it, specializing in characters...This sheet shows the different stages the Bunny Boy character went through. The premise of the film was a teenage boy ordering a 'Donnie Darko' style rabbit costume for a cool kids party on Halloween and he ends up in a pink girlie bunny suit :-) The story follows him to the party where the popular kids bully him and evolve into real-life monster versions of the alloween costumes they are wearing and basically chase him through various send ups of horror movies. The film was styled with a Klasky Csupo style, which reflected on how the character ended up looking (bottom of page centre is accurate).
These are characters based on famous horror stalwarts and a few randoms from my mind....I'm a horror movie freak, I loved researching for this project!!!

The storyboards: these are just a selection of the many panels I drew. Also the PhotoShop final colour version of 'Bunny Boy' is in the top right corner.
The original model sheet for 'Bunny boy' before I made his limbs more long and gangely and his body short and square. At the time i liked this design but he defiantly improved once I changed the proportions. The colours however, remained very similar through all of the project.

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