14 May 2012

day 341-345 ICELAND NYE!!!

day 341
drawn at heathrow departure lounge, off to iceland to see bjarni and spend new year with his friends and family again :) a couple of doggies.got to iceland at 11pm and immediatly went to bjarni's friend's house for drinks and then out to an irish pub in keflavik which was great fun!
 day 342
NYE!!!! 2011 almost over 2012 to begin! here is a puffin (iceland's bird). we got dressed up and went to bjarni's sister's house for a huge NYE dinner (like xmas or thanksgiving) then the watched all the icelandic NYE programmes while waiting for the big event. the fireworks! icelanders are insane, every man woman and child shoots up display size fireworks in the street!madness!such a great experience. then we head to a party on the old US airbase in the biggest apartment ever!great night!back at 6am!lol!
 day 343
lots and lots of rest today!heres a dino thats kinda got a don bluth vibe to him
 day 344
ne swimming in the blue lagoon. we also went to the observatory in reykjavik which was really cool, great views of the city at night and an indoor geyser. so much snow this year (had hardly any last year!) was nice in he cold yet swimming around in the hot water.awesome!!!!!!!
 day 345
heres an owl!

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