10 Nov 2011

days 186-189

day 186

harry prickler! saw the last harry potter movie, no credit but did help work on it which was awesome.we did a smaller amount on this film, as it was mainly one big action scene.mainly some spiders and fight scene stuff and then the end of the film where harry 'dies' and meets dumbledor in the kings cross heaven area.

day 187

a super hero platypus!

day 188
a cute skunk

did a study based on my 'the art of bolt' and drew from the reference in the book.i did a quick sketch of bolt from roug work and then a more detailed paw for a more realistic approach.

day 180 (in bully the bull voice!) til 185!!!!!!

day 180
at the next museum, the museum of london :) which was really good and in a new area of london that i hadn't visited, the barbican. a really interesting history of the city, including black death and the great fire of london and some history of disease and hospitals and all sorts of things. the war section was very thourough and had a good film that was both sad and amazing.

day 181
after all the black death stuff, heres a focus on some rats. i love drawing mice and rats so cute!!!!

day 182
heres a crappy drawing of travis from blink 182.bit drag queeny lol!

day 183stay puft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he needs no introduction!i bought a cool keychain soft oy of him that sings the ghostbuster's theme!woo!

day 184

a chris ayres day, the cover of the book but done in sketch pen

day 185
and heres a strange elephant!

day 179...to be added properly soon

day 179 was done in the wellcome museum, as they had a wall where you picked two words and drew a representation of them.i chose unicorn and alcohol.so i drew a drunk unicorn!unfortunatly, i drew it for the museum so its up on the wall there.i took a photo of it on my crappy phone and hope to work out how to transfer it to here soon (i don't have a fancy smartphone!) so in the meantime is the crappy mickey mouse i drew saying that the real drawing is in photo form!

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