18 Jul 2012

day 407 to 409

day 407
a slightly nervouse looking vampire kid. he's the same character i've been toying around with as a companion for vampire cat.
 day 408
not quite as nervous stocky rhino!he's game for a fight!
 day 409
watched the tv show alkatraz tonight so drew a prison themed animal...a zebra!!he's chained up and numbered,wonder what he did?!

day 404-406 baby barney!!!!!!!!!!!

day 404
am feeling a bit ill from the teeth so bjarni has gone on out and i snuggle down in my pjs and watch.....STARSHIP TROOPERS!!! lol great film!so felt inspired to doodle along. something nice and gory yay!one of the alien's got him!head shot!
 day 405
a quick stitch doodle and a warthog, not quite pumbaa but out my head, like a younger warthog.
 day 406.................erm!!!not sure what these are, strange shape creatures.muck monsters!

day 400-403

day 400

owch owch owch!!!!the tooth is still hurting like crazy, bad night's sleep and more stress great!here's a dino with the same problem!
 day 401
a quick sketch of my little billie guy ripped out my work sketchbook!and added to the zoo!
 day 402
not much time today, quick doodles in pen.quick duck!
 day 403
another quick day, a ninja turtle and a dog whose not too impressed at the turtle!

day 397-398 octopus pigmy raccoons!

day 397
thought i'd draw something for ian at work as his favourite animal is the octopus!!
 day 398
was flicking through chris sander's sketchbook and came across his sketch of a some pigmy severed heads so thought i'd draw mine own, given i love the horror stuff!bit zombie-ish and quick!
 day 399
attention!!!!!!!!!!agent raccoon is at your service and ready for action!!!!liking this little guy,he's quite cute!

day 395 and 396

day 395 lemur fun!
drew some lemur's today, inspired by chris ayres. i thought i'd crack out the pens aswell which was cool.added some colour to the zoo for the day!

 day 396
and now for something not quite so available in the local zoo, a blob alien!he'd love to give you a lick!!!!

day 393-394!toothache ahhh!!!!!!!!!!

day 393
omg wisdom tooth ache!ended up at emergency dentist with a tooth infection...great!!!some nice antibiotics later though and hopefully on the mend!!!has been awfully painful though!so here's how i feel in image form!
 day 394
here is two weird entries: a man under an invisible cloak looks slightly worried that it's not as invisible as he hopes!
and also a little bit less cute than usual bat who looks a bit hungry for blood!!!!more of an accurate bat than i usually draw! :D

8 Jul 2012

day 389-392

day 389
a quick mickey and a dopey looking dino. looks like he's had a few too many bangs to the head or smoking something!
 day 390
a new style for me,here is a new version of me, very simplistic and meme-like.i quite like it, even if i do look a bit grumpy!like my little boy too, he's very cute and the piggy!
 day 391
watched a bit of fantastic mr fox today and thought why not draw the god on high mr bill murray (well his character, badger!)
 day 393
a lizard puking a rainbow.that is all

day 385-388

day 385
a quick american boy in good old blue pencil
 day 386
going a bit morbid and sketching up some skulls.i love drawing skulls, i like the various expressions you can convey with them
 day 387
weird dog thing?also my danish buddie's new address!lol
day 388
a gizmo-esk character, bit fluffy like giz but a bit more cat like i suppose?

day 383 and 384 Oh Hai Mark!

day 383
went to see the great one tonight.....tommy wiseau!!!he did a live q&a before a midnight screening of the room.that wonderful amazing piece of cinema.check it out if you haven't...it's an experience.especially if you can, go to the prince charles cinema in leicester square, even more of an audience participation experience there!only time for a quick drawing at 2am!!
 day 384
the elephant man...kinda!!!quite like him, he was sort of a continuous line sketch.

day 379 to 382

day 379
its mr slave!!!!!lol and then another gentleman with a large handlebar moustache!!!
 day 380
watched me some basil the great mouse detective today and felt inspired to doodle basil
 day 381
erm weird close up of a big cat's face.lioness i guess?
 day 382
lol bit of a different cat here, little less in your face!!then a quick billie who appears to be scared of something, perhaps the lioness drawing from yesterday!

day 376-378 my birthday!

 day 376
alien time!it's my mum's birthday today, 47!!!!!!!!!went shopping with mum in london which was good fun!
 day 377
my 26th birthday :) had a great time, my friends from portsmouth came down and we went to the world's end and the monarch which was great fun and it snowed!!!
day 378
tired after busy evening, had hangover lunch at the blues kitchen which was great. then bjarni took me out to the mexican restaurant i wanted to go to.yum!

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