13 Aug 2012

day 421 JCOM aka John Carter of Mars aka John Carter

day 421
ahh the long saga of jcom!!! once upon a time my studio framestore was bidding on this flick, the first live action movie from andrew stanton, one of the pixar directors. every studio wanted it and ultimately we lost out to dneg, cinesite and mpc which sucked at the time but looking back on it now was a good thing. most of my friends at other studios got caught up in it and the vast amount of work that needed to be done. stressful times!
the end result was screened at framestore and this was after all the reviews and whatnot had surfaced, the movie had tanked.even disney were washing their hands of it which sucked for all the talented guys who put all their time and energy into it to make it visually look amazing. can't save a bad story though and it wasn't great. it looked fab mainly and i really liked woola, the dog like creature but it just wasn't the awesome movie we all thought it would be which is disappointing. nevermind i suppose, i still liked the dog so here he is sketched late at night after the screening!!!

day 419-420 st paddy's day!

day 419
top of the morning to ya!!! it's st paddy's day on the zoo so here's a themed character for the day..a very irish chihauhau.he's pretty cute but seems to have found the Guinness as he's laying down and propping himself up!
 day 420
one of the weirder images i've drawn, erm not sure what this is. a relative of jabba the hut perhaps?????lol!looking like some kind of weird poop monster thing.....like him though!

day 417 and 218 kat girl!

day 417
after a quick vampire cat, i did a different kind of cat, a girl humanoid cat. i like this lil character she's pretty cool!!!
 day 418
a quick more realistic character, still exaggerated though.felt like doing something a bit different!

day 414 to 416

day 414
wqqqq stinky skunk, he's not doing too good! poor guy!!!!

 day 415
he's looking at you!smarmy trendy boy.
 day 416
a quick billie joe and an apple?bit random but there ya go!

day 410-413

day 410
cute cat, like his simplistic design
 day 411
couple of quick days, a girl and an angry meme guy
cute duckie!!!!!!!!!! and a weird googly eyed cat!
 day 413
special mouse! :P

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