11 Nov 2012

day 468-470

day 468

a late night movie find.despite my hate for grown up christian bale, i figured i'd give baby christian bale a chance when i found 'empire of the sun' on the telly. i actually really enjoyed it and was surprised i hadn't seen it before to be honest. may have been a flop for spielberg but i thought it was pretty good. and perhaps it was cos christian bale didn't use a stupid voice like he does as an adult, he didn't annoy me as jamie either.good flick! he's a sketch version i did of him towards the end of the movie when jamie is pretty hardened to prisoner of war camp lifestyle.
 day 469
some kittehs!!!!!!!!!!!simple!
 day 470
a weird scruffy rabbit character.looks a bit evil to me!

465-467 snnaaaakkkeeee

day 465
it's a snaaaaake!!
 day 466
a tiger creature, i like his design with the different ears.makes a change
day 467
this was a rush day! some potato guy!

day 464 a halloween sketch awfully early!

day 464

a quick sketch up of my favourite alien, stitch and a kid dressed up for halloween with his trick or treat bag. i wish i'd started this the other way round as i could have worked on the pose more and not had stitch cut off. but i like the drawing, and my version of mr stitch. as always horror related things are an influence.

day 461-463 backstreet's back alright!!!!

day 461

went to see NKOTBSB! which is new kids on the block and backstreet boys! was at the o2 and was a proper girly evening with selena and katy. was amazing, the boys were brilliant as usual and loved the new kids as well!
 day 462
cute wallaby creature. he's simple and sweet and simple!
 day 463

some animal studies, a llama.i love a good llama. done in sketching pen. then moved onto some other animals, a rhino and a baby hippo.like the simple lines, think the rhino is the best one.

day 458-460 gremlins!

day 458
so gremlins was on the tv so did some doodling of gizmo. i love gremlins, it's one of my favourite movies. bright lights bright lights!!!!!
 day 459
hulk smash!
this is alright, hope to do a better version of hulk on another page. watched the newer hulk film today as it was on tv and we are seeing avengers soon.
 day 460
after watching meet the robinsons.very weird looking girl.

days 454-457!!!!

day 454
my alien rabbit guy, still not the same as the original but this one is pretty cute. like the bug style eyes
 day 455
watching  a show on the elephant man so drew a elephant skeleton
 day 456
here's a combo. a bear but kind of done sort of muppet style. like a cute cuddly toy or something.kid's show fodder.
 day 457
lemar alert!

day 451-453

day 451
 beaver is watching you :P he knows what you know!

day 452
the little edf guy appears again.and a snow version!
 day 453
this ant is pretty happy like he's lifted some weights!

10 Nov 2012

nEW yORK nEW yORK!!!

haven't updated in a while as i've been in new york city! am scanning tonight so should have some updates soon!!!!!

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