26 Jan 2011

Day 2 and 3!

RIGHT! off to a good start, here are days 2 and 3! first up we have a girl i sketched, in about a minute after doing a longer sketch and just not being happy with it...so i carried on drawing and heres the results...

i definately prefered the quickness and capture of the wishfullness in this one. although it was done at 1.30am! so after that 'cheat', i decided to do another skecth for the day. this one i wanna develop further so here is the rough pencil sketch for now of a gecko. i'm hoping some of the drawings in this experiment will be quick and finished and others can be revisited and continued.i hope to return to this critter soon and flesh his line work out and maybe shock horror add colour! :P

day 3!
did a quick sketch on the way into work this morning on the tube..gahh i get nervous drawing in public, people always look!you'd think after a fair few years of whipping the sketchbook out in public i'd be fine but i'm still conscious of it. heres a quick sketch of a genie (?!)lastly ian gave me the idea for today's actual drawing although i'm not happy at all with it and thought i'd try some quick colour to make it better...hmmm no. it's of our movie star/director whore SIMON PIG! yes the legend himself!i'm determined to do a better caricature of old simon so will keep working on it. i like to think you can learn from everything you draw, even the bad stuff so thats why this rough version is included and i hope to add a far better version soon!

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India Barnardo said...

Hey!! awesome post, loving the gecko!

The public thing is weird at first, it's gets funny after a while! :D

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