25 Jan 2011

My Daily Zoo

Inspired by Chris Ayres and his epic 'Daily Zoo' (drawing an animal everyday for a year) Buy the book its wonderful, beautiful and so heartwarming. After my friend India decided as her new years resolution to draw something everyday, I thought I'd love to do that and in turn reminded myself of this excellent book I've scored over many times for inspiration. So I'm (hopefully) starting now 24/01/11 (well thats yesterday as it's past midnight now but I drew the picture before midnight!). I may not update the blog everyday and do a few at a time in a bit as dependant on work and my time constraints,it may not be possible but i hope to at least draw something (big or small) everyday for the next year to keep my passion alive!

so heres the first......no idea why a gorrilla....(maybe seeing Glen Keane yesterday and the Tarzan influence got to me) but here's my quick ink pen ape, photographed as no time to scan!

1 comment:

India Barnardo said...

I'm going to take a look at that book!

We can keep each other motivated :D woo!

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