23 Apr 2011

66-72 mouses in houses and sickness galore

day 66- we had a mouse!apparently builders working in the basement disturbed the mice and them made a bid upwards.so we've seen two. anyone who knows me knows i LOVE LOVE LOVE mice (favourite animal, used to own one etc, love drawing them) so this puts me in a predicament as bjarni is most definately gonna get them with his mousetraps ( :( ! ) and i know they are vermin but i love them, they are soooo cute! :( not squished under a trap though. so with mouses on the brains, i sketched a few out of my head, only like the jumping one really, i've done better.

days 67 and 68

not much, a cat scoring a goal done at 11.55pm so not much to say. next up is some muppet like creatures i drew, different poses! i surrender!

Days 69-72 END OF BOOK ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bjarni's been pretty sick these last few weeks which sucks as he really is suffering. i decided to draw him quick while he sat looking very sorry for him self in a blanket. the rest are mainly doodles, a mike dirnt character after watching green day's new live dvd, i like my nessie too!

Day 72!

last page in my hollywood star sketchbook, thanks jen for giving it to me!
last page...i plumped for a gnome!

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