23 Apr 2011

days 77-83 A&E time and wizard slaying-beware the fuckening!


love my dragon!he's so cute!

next up i've been looking at my comp shots for waaaaay too long when i start doodling from them...happened with joey...now meet...a crash test dummy!johnny english reborn involves...crash test dummies people!
day 79

done while half asleep...a dog named killer (although not my film version) and some quick squirrels
day 80 (wooo! could have been around the world in that time :P !)


FINALLY!its been released so everyone head down and see what we worked on for most of last year.its great although probably not one to take your grandparents to!it is a film built around penis jokes and if thats not your humour well easily offended is not the word.i freaking loved it!MINOTAUR COCK!
heres some sketches i did after seeing it based some of the characters, our giant hand serpent that i had to hand paint the hdri set for (ie the whole arena-6 hours of my life!) courtney the trusty man servant and simon the mechcanical bird companion that i made many a hdri for.

days 81 and 82

some ska!was looking at my bag so drew suggs from madness

then an odd pen spider and a zombie robot thing

day 83

night at A&E

bjarni was a lot worse yesterday and then today (hense quick drawings) and it finally ended up at A&E.turns out the poor chap has got pneumonia :( so lame for him and lame for me sat in the waiting room for 4 hours without my sketchbook.he now has loads of drugs to fight it off and hopefully we'll see an improvement in a weeks time :(

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