12 Sep 2011

155-158 flood day

155-our flat got flooded tonight :( which sucked major ass.what started as the sound of 'rain' turned into the ceiling pouring through water in a matter of minutes. luckily all our stuff was moved out the way pronto so no material possession damage but the flat took a bit of a beating and needed extensive drying out. so after the fire brigade got into the upstairs flat and turned the water off and i'd calmed down a bit (and grabbed some clothing) we left camden and headed to west kensington to stay with penny and damo who kindly took us in. very awful evening! heres the drawing done admittedly very early the next morning that captures how i felt.

the day after the flood :( didn't feel much like drawing as the flat was in a state but managed a few doodles (mine!)

day 157
After all that excitement and sorting out stuff with the landlord and just in general everything feeling like ahhhh, i decided to draw a rabbit expressing how my head felt....rubbish!

day 158
just some quick doodles today, billie and a turtle!

man none of these updates are happy!bad week!

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