12 Sep 2011

day 160 and 161...TAKE THAT AND FOO FIGHTERS!

Right! The dog was a very quick sketch as Friday night was spent getting very boozy on wine with my Mum and Penny in some fabulous bars! Was an amazing night very funny but omg did I get ill!

The next day I couldn't move but I had to snap out of it as me and Mum were going to see Take That! Something we've both dreamed of doing since I was a girl and we were mega excited! We've been to see Robbie solo several times and he has been amazing (Knebworth remains one of the best gigs this gigaholic has had the privalage to witness, also one of the biggest!). We also are massive Robbie fans so were very excited at the re-united band, as we remember them. It brought back a lot of fun (and embaressing clothing) memories. My 'I Heart Robbie' red tshirt I wore for PE at school being one! So I figured in honour of travelling back in time, I drew a version of me at age 9 and a half, loving TT the first time :-)
By the way, Take That were awesome! They put on a fantastic and spellbinding show, and seeing them all together after all these years made us soooo happy :)

After all that excitement the weekend wasn't over........ After watching my childhood favourites perform, by a stroke of luck I then had the chance to see my beloved favourite band in the entire world the next day at Milton Keynes Bowl....... FOO FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

161- After Mum got up and got the train home, I headed into work for the morning (as deadlines loom and don't allow weekends off boo!) while Nat and Sarah made their way up to Camden from Pompey. Then Us and Bjarni had some lunch and travelled to MK. We had some beers, watched Jimmy Eat World then settled on the slope to watch the Foo's be awesome! We stood back as it was the 3rd time of seeing them this year and the crush to the front was insane. We enjoyed the show soooo much, they were absolutely fab and I splashed out and bought a Foo hoodie which is lovely and snuggly warm! Awesome day!

So to mirror yesterday's drawing of me in 1995, I junped forward 16 years to 2011 and me now, being just as excited for Foos!

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