27 Dec 2011

days 197 198 and 199 end of book 3!!!!!!!!!wooo!

day 197:

really like this day, spent some time sketching at the table and decided on something more final. and thought a new animal to do would be a hyena! h
ad out some reference to help with posing.but i'm very happy with the result.

day 198:
lol and then onto something crap!i bought a new sketch pen but alas it was broken so the thick end worked but not the thin end.hence crap silhouette cat! added hamster burning in flames at the bottom!

day 199:

end of book 3 yay!!!!!!!!!!!come so far along with this, its fab!3 books already!i wonder how many i'll get through by the end of the year?!!!!heres the last page of the book then........
went realistic for today's drawing, a hippo!!!!!!!!!think she is a good end to book 3!

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