28 Dec 2011

day 209-212 bad owchies, burn baby burn!

day 209

heres a crappy detective hamster with dodge hands.but like the kitty!after reading a horrible story in the news, i realised it was from my dear home tow
n.some twat put a cat in a microwave :( he got jail time fo
r it and it was well deserved.so i drew a frazzled kitty

day 210
a very muppet like pig up next, reminds me a bit of 'pigs in space' in face. he is a shaved piggy as bjarni made pork belly today so here is the piggy shaved, like bjarni had to do to the pig belly joint!

day 211

this little guy looks like a flowerpot man a bit or some kind of gnome.quite cute and strange with his bandy limbs!

day 212 day of owch!

right heres where the blog was almost halted for a while due to injury! and i still have the scars!basically this is why i shouldn't cook ever ever ever!
i was tasting some cooked syrup and some dripped off the spoon, now the idiot in me suddenly thought, quick catch it don't make a mess, which is very dumb as the syrup was boiling hot!and burnt 3 holes into my hands, now the pain came over in slow motion so i tried to wipe it, spreading the hot further and then finally hit the tap and the cold beautiful water.well after a good few hours of cooling, i realised i had really done a bad burn. across my right (drawing hand) palm too so closing my hand was a no no.it was horrendously painful and took a month to heal up, with creams and plasters and it hurt like hell.don't try to catch hot syrup!!!!!!!!so here is my left handed scrawl as i sat with my hand ina jug of water.doh!

day 205-208

day 205

heres an angry piggy, i quite like him though!he's quite fun and expressive and gross!

day 206

after one of our daily lunchtime chats, the character of captain panda was created and i said i'd draw him for the zoo...well here he is!

day 207

heres a crazy stressed manic bird!i seem to favour this pose with birds!

day 208

here is a sketchy demon, from watching drag me to hell again, love that movie, its so OTT and very sam raimi, just needs bruce campbell in it!

27 Dec 2011


day 204:

i was curious about the compare the market meercat soft toys being given out, so much so, i wanted some insurance to get one :P however thats a bit extreme so i instead had a looksie on ebay and mother of god how expensive are the little critters!£83.52 one was going for!and the others were all similar! :/ won't be getting one of them then!which is a shame as they are sooo cute! anyho i drew a meercat who looks a bit dubious about being sold on ebay!

day 200-203 start of book four!

heres the start of book four!

day 200!!!!!!nice and even start to the new book.i drew something random, a space llama!!!!!!

day 201:

watching about killer whales today and when i say killer whales i of course mean all of us sat round watching free willy lol!so heres willy! or keico as he was called. bjarni seems to think he was released to iceland and when he died they ate him!!!!

day 202:
heres a small ferret for today's darwing.i like how he is small skinny and sketchy and almost has a wonky face and dinosaur arms!a lot of character in this one!

day 203:

attack badger!!!!!!!!!!and a mole who looks very afraid of being caught!not like animals of farthing wood!

days 197 198 and 199 end of book 3!!!!!!!!!wooo!

day 197:

really like this day, spent some time sketching at the table and decided on something more final. and thought a new animal to do would be a hyena! h
ad out some reference to help with posing.but i'm very happy with the result.

day 198:
lol and then onto something crap!i bought a new sketch pen but alas it was broken so the thick end worked but not the thin end.hence crap silhouette cat! added hamster burning in flames at the bottom!

day 199:

end of book 3 yay!!!!!!!!!!!come so far along with this, its fab!3 books already!i wonder how many i'll get through by the end of the year?!!!!heres the last page of the book then........
went realistic for today's drawing, a hippo!!!!!!!!!think she is a good end to book 3!

days 194-196 crazy hands and wild things!

day 194: not sure why his hands are so spazzy but lol its a skinny skunk like creature

day 195:

heres a dead teddy a common theme with me!
theres also a happy cornflake....my brain was on it that day!

day 196:
next up another old favourite, it's K.W! looks a bit stoned though.i like the face, its based off my kubrick figure of the character.


woooo got some free time over the holidays to upload yeah!

first off merry christmas people!!!!!!

now onwards! in real time i hit 336 days of the zoo on christmas day, on here we are behind but gonna be heading over the 200 mark today! heres 190-193:

first up 190!heres some super dog's following on from yest
erdays bolt drawings.and then some extra random d


another bolt inspired day, some cat designs and some a rough bolt from the colour keys.

day 192

urghh hate this pic, heres a bear with a flower just meh

day 193

a different animal today, a dancing sheep, used chris ayres for ref for style.like him!
some more sheep!

7 Dec 2011

gahh!need to upload!

i need some free time! in the real world, i'm up to 317 days!got some corkers to upload but alas it takes forever to do!hopefully will get some more up tonight, roll on the xmas hols with nothing to do, i can upload continuously then!

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