16 Jun 2012

day 373 to 375, some snake and ballet

 day 373
a quickie of a little girl ballerina
 day 374
vampire cat is sneaking into these pages a lot!!!love him!
day 375
and lastly a snake, a rattlesnake to be more precise!!!

day 370-372

day 370
a weasel creature next, like excpet for the feet dammit ruined by the bottom!
 day 371
got my rizzo plushie today! he looks awesome on my desk at work. he's joined the zoo! he's also joined the sketchbook zoo as heres a couple of sketches of him. love rizzo, my fave muppet along with gonzo!
 day 372
some quick sketches, mind doodles. like the fox a lot, love his ears. also the mini moose!!
 continued, a rabbit and a boy flapping in the wind like a kite!

day 367-369

day 367
kicking off is a fat boy!
 day 368
another fatty today....a cool dude piggy in a hat and sunglasses!!!!! he's phat!! doh!
 day 369
from an annoying advert on the telly. accident helpline.doodling while watching the tube!

Day 366!!!! day one of year 2!!!

day 366:

so we begin another year of the daily zoo!!!! and we kick it off with some penguins!!!

also so vampire cat face work

5 Jun 2012

day 365!!!!!!!!!the end of the first year of the daily zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 365!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i did it! i made it one full year wooooooooooooooooooo!!!what have i learnt from this experience...that i could actually do it and make time to draw something each day. it reminds me that i love drawing and its my original passion. i have really enjoyed it and have created some images that i really like.i also would be lost now without my sketchbook everyday.i love carrying it with me, just in case i feel the need to sketch!

to celebrate, i will be continuing the zoo for another year! in fact as i'm behind with my uploads i'm actually in real time already well into my next year(up to day 498!!!!!!!) so heres to the next year of daily zoo!

day 361-364...almost one year done!!!!

day 361
max the dog!!!!
 day 362
loving this weird nessie creature, he's what i imagine is lurking in loch ness!
 day 363
small amount of time today, drew a lion and a little dog that although doesn't look like snoopy, kinda reminds me of him.he's sort of a beagle
day 364
and the day before the last day of the daily zoo (for the 1st year anyway!) i went to see a movie......dunn dunn duhh dahh dunn dunn duurhh daahhh! mission impossible ghost protocal.was quite good, loved the simon pegg awesomeness and all the dubai stunts were amazing, knowing how vfx-less they were!

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