21 Sep 2014

It was a bit of a Blur....

Blur at Hyde Park Thurs 2nd July 2009


This tshirt makes me so happy :) Defo one of my favourites in the collection. As who can resist the Coffee and TV milk carton, he's so cute!!

The music video for this song is brilliant and will forever go down as one of the best music videos ever made. Anyway onto the gig!

Not much to say about it to be honest as me Sarah and Nat got a liiiittttllleee bit too drunk during the hot day in Hyde Park and it is a bit of a blur lol! I do remember there was a Dominoes pizza truck there though! I've loved Blur for a very long time, I learned to play drums in 94 around the time of the Britpop wars and personally as much as I like Oasis, I was more of a Blur fan. I remember learning to play Song 2 on drums and being so excited by it! The gig was good despite the booze and in true Natalie Kerr style, we lost her at the end and I found her wandering round a bar in Brixton a few hours later, the silly moo! I'd love to see them again although not sure how viable that is now. Great shirt great band!

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