1 Oct 2014

Its not always Rock n Roll folks :)

It would all be boring if everyone narrowed down their tastes to one genre. I mean even in playing instruments, I loved playing classical violin in an orchestra and I played blues numbers on piano. I also played Nirvana tracks on the drums and play punk rock in my current band on bass. I'm all for different music mixing it up. This is why I don't get when people are shocked that I love some pop music. Sure pop at the moment is dire but in the past there have been some great artists playing amazing songs and I am proud to be a fan of pop. This leads into one of my all-time favourite artists, someone who I'm proud to say sings one of top 3 favourite songs ever, part of my first ever favourite band and kicks absolute ass live.

Robbie Williams at Milton Keynes Bowl Fri 15th Sept 2006.

I've been a fan of Robbie since 1992, when a little girl got to buy a cd for her mum's brand spanking new cd player in the living room. I had cassette tapes at this point (and actually their next album, Everything Changes I bought for my own white cassette boom box in 93 and still have somewhere in my mum's attic!) but this was the first cd I had imput on. And like most 90s girls the Take That bug bit hard. I was gutted when Robbie left the band and even have his first solo single, a cover of George Michael's 'Freedom' on tape as I wanted solo Rob to do well. And boy has he! I've been to see him 3 times now solo and once with Take That and man alive does he put on a show. I have a story relating to one of my all time favourite live gigs ever ( a little known gig called Robbie Williams at Knebworth) but we'll get to that another time.

This gig was me and my mum alone which is funny cos RW and Take That are pretty much the only things (aside from Disney) we have in common. She is a huge fan and I wanted to take her to see him again after Knebworth. It was quite the pain to get to MK bowl (the only reason I dislike this venue is the location, the actual setup and atmosphere is great inside) but we managed to get there. I decided I wanted to buy my mum a new lanyard for work as a present so leaving her on the edge I popped up and got one and also a shirt for me. I actually rarely wear this shirt but its great quality and a unique design makes it stand out. Mum loved her lanyard too. Basement Jaxx supported and they were amazing, a killer warm up and I'm glad I've seen them again since at IOW fest. The main man himself was on fire and he filled the stadium up with a uniquely shaped stage with a giant arm podium at the top and we could get really quite close to the stage to see him which was fab for mum who isn't so up for the rough front like me. This tour was in support of RW's odd album Rudebox and to be honest him dressed head to toe in Adidas and rapping was really fun and even got the crowd going who didn't like the album. He did all his hits aswell and I think this was around the time he started singing 'No Regrets' again which is my fave RW song and one of my all time favourite songs in general. He finished on 'Angels' of course and me and mum left elated to brave the long trek home on a coach. Rob you are the man and I'll be a fan to the last!

Heres the shirt. I have one of the RW football shirts from his 'Sing When You're Winning' album which I always wear to his gigs (got it in 99 when the album came out and its a brilliant gig shirt). this is the one I bought this time though instead:

Let Me Entertain You!

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