14 Oct 2014

Time for an eventful post....

Ha figured it was time this story got an airing. Nope not my other go to story about Green Day, I'll write that one up someday as it doesn't technically involve a gig (although there is a tshirt involved!)

No this story actually is the closest I've got to having a friend die because of a gig which isn't the most humorous of things, I mean we all laugh about it now as it was very what the fuck but at the time it was pretty scary!

Anyho the gig was:
Green Day at Emirates Stadium, Sat 1st June 2013


Yep the most deadly of gigs was a pop punk gig lol. Actually it was the copious amounts of drinking and disorientation of a certain William that almost had us at the ER. The gig was a Sat, a pretty laid back one as Emirates is ridiculously easy to get to my house from it turns out. We decided eating and drinking was the way forward so we started early. We were a jolly bunch, all of us had seen the band before I think except Joel and we soon schooled him on what happens when the band play 'King for a Day'. Inside the venue we met up with my usual gig amigos, Adam and Caspar. Caspar was in poor spirits as he'd had knee surgery a week before so had been banned from skanking moshing and general crazyness one usually assumes at a GD gig so after me and Adam made our amazing merch purchases (onto that in a sec) and promptly left them with him to guard at his disabled seat (lol) we dived into the crowd and enjoyed Kaiser Chiefs. An odd support choice but alright, I like them and have seen them plenty of times before so wasn't as fussed about it but they put on a great warm up. During this I add me and the Pompey gang had been beering up a bit, I stopped as I wanted to be down the front but from what I've heard the others continued behind me.... I got forward and pretty much ended up almost towards the barrier on the right hand side and danced like a loon and sang along. This is where my bugbears begin. I'd already realised that Emirates is not as well set out or set up for gigs as say the new Wembley Stadium as the pitch had an odd raised angle to it meaning at times it was hard to see the stage. Boo number one. Boo number two as always at GD gigs nowadays, theres always those people who for some reason think the band started in 2004 and have absolutely no idea whats going on when the good stuff kicks in. Honestly if I have to sing 'Going to Pasalacqua' again at either a confused 12 year old or a 50 year old man who will only show the slightest hint of enjoyment when 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' comes on, I'm gonna go wacko. Back catalogues people, a little itty bit of research will help you when you are right near the barrier and suddenly the boys kick into Platypus (I Hate You) and a giant dancing circle pit erupts and you just stand there looking confused as to what a rock show at the front entails. ANYWAY RANT OVER!
So I wasn't too hot on the venue and the crowd were a bit meh, got myself into a fun position with another group and still had a blast. Gotta say though my elats favourite time seeing them by a long shot. Once you've A hugged the band and B been at secret shows, a behemoth stadium just doesn't cut it anymore for ya and I'm looking forward to their next tour mixing up the venues a bit. Just two months later I went to the band's secret reading warm up show at Brixton Academy and it was just fabulous in every way so venue and crowd do go a long way to making the gig!
Right onto the death part! So we stumbled out at the end, me sweaty and happy, my Pompey mates also very happy but also a tad more drunk than me, I thought oh well onto the bus home to Camden. We catch the bus and the boys give the N214 a rousing rendition of the 'Vengabus' song which incites a lot of giggling, then a swift one at my local (The Oxford) then we headed into Camden's Sat nightlife of which my fave haunt it the Monarch pub for its 'movie music' night. After a lot of spirits the guys are completely smashed, in particular Will and we decide to hobble home to crash. And boy did that happen. Two hours after we'd all passed out asleep, I'm awakened to an almighty crash in my hallway and suddenly Sarah shouting Will's name at the top of her voice. I get out there and Will is stone cold knocked out on my hallway floor with Sarah shaking him trying to revive him, after a minute of this and splashing his face and my my mate Zena about to dial 999, we get him to wake up and he is concused as fuck. Turns out on his way to the bathroom, he just passed out and hit his head on our wall as he went down. He had a lump and a half on his head and Joel sat up with him all night cos we didn't want him to sleep after that. We got him home the next day, him hungover and saying he was alright but he got himself checked out just to be safe. Nothing quite as scary as seeing your mate unconscious and nothing reviving him I'll tell ya! Like I said we laugh about it now but at the time it was a scary conclusion to an otherwise crazy fun night! Beware beer, whiskey and pop punk combined, a deadly combo!
Onto the shirt...or I should say hoodie!
Ladies and Gents, by far this is the highest quality merch I've ever bought. And I paid highly for it. Considering my old black GD hoodie is a washed out faded version of its former self, I figured upgrade! Its one of those really soft hoodies and all the hand embroided patches are really cool, even the zipper is a lightning bolt if you can see. Great colours and great details, I love this hoodie so much! The band even wore it on the tour for their warm ups and sound rehearsals so they must have liked them. 10 out of 10 for quality! Adam got the same one and Caspar got the replica of Mike's tour vest which was equally as awesome. You don't mind paying for merch if it actually is wearable and will last so well done Green Day!

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