5 Nov 2014

Billy Talent birdies

Billy Talent
Sun 1st Nov 2009
At Brixton Academy


So a band I'd wanted to see for a while, nothing like a bit of Canadian screamy pop-punk to cheer the soul! I took Damian, my bosses son along as he had been getting into rock and metal and fancied a good moshpit. Cancer Bats were the support and despite not liking their records too much, I thought they were pretty decent live, just not my cup of tea.
Billy Talent were wired and crazy that night and with young'un Damo with me who wanted to be at the front, I had to man up and get the elbows out lol. Was great fun, but reminded me I'm not quite the spring chicken I once was! I've actually not got their last album they released as just haven't picked it up yeat, but I've heard good things so I'm sure its as good as I, II and III (genius album titles by the way!)

The shirt is one I love wearing as I love the birds and the unusual placement of them on the shirt, damo actually has a tattoo now of a similar looking bird to these on this chest so evidently he was influenced!

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