11 Dec 2014


Today's shirt is a rarity and a half. In fact I always wear it to Alkaline Trio shows now and high five anyone I see that is also wearing it!

Alkaline Trio at The Underworld, Camden Mon 25th Jan 2010

This was a rare gig which you could only buy one ticket for hence another rarity, I went to the show solo. Armed with a cider, I headed over to the merch stand to pick up my shirt that came with the ticket. Made for that one show only as it was an album launch show (for 'This Addiction)' in a venue so tiny its silly. The band were hot sweaty and wild in such a small space, you can step up onto the stage with ease which helped the old crowdsurfers a tad! Not so much the famous large pillar in the middle of the floor which is great fun to try and avoid in the pit, NOT! The whole show was a hits set with shout outs and rarely heard oldies played to a room of massive fans. It was so good, its actually kinda sucky that I didn't know a soul in there as I don't have anyone to share it with! Hence the high fives with the shirt! If you haven't been to see the Trio live, do it, they are a great live band, Matt Skiba is a god (fangirl in me coming out a little there :P) and they appreciate their fans a lot. The same year I saw the band at the Roundhouse, a far, far bigger venue so they didn't have to put on such an intimate show but I'm glad they did. Underrated band who remain very high on my list of favourite bands. Oh and if you do see them, make sure you know every last word to 'Radio'. One of the fun-est songs ever to scream along with the band!

With the back print, great shirt, if a little oddly shaped as I think its a youth large (aka girls fit to yanks?!)

I've got...a big fat fucking bone to pick...with you my darling!!!!!!!!!!!!

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