20 Sep 2012

day 423-427 moving house to kentish town and the cleaning day from hell!

day 423
a mole whose a bit shortsighted!!!
 day 424
keeping with the shortsighted theme....here's another blind animal....a worm!!!!! he's looking a bit worried!
 day 425
last night in the camden flat...move day tomorrow...to kentish town! here's a little mouse looking up in excitement!after this flat having some issues with mice at the start, here's hoping the new flat doesn't have any. even though i love them so!

 day 426
MOVE DAY!!!!!!!
off we go!no time to draw too much, did this on a quick break! two mice helping us go!got help from the danish boys, there's so much stuff to move! the new flat is great, much bigger.2 bed rooms and everything! love it! tomorrow the cleaning begins :/
day 427
absolutely no time for drawing.....we cleaned from 10am to 10pm via a back injury that rendered me out for the count for an hour. the whole house scrubbed completely and sorted. looks brilliant! goodbye 55c camden street!!! hello holmes road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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