24 Jan 2012

day 261 and 262 monster mash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 261
done while waiting for renders at work, was inspired to pick up an older character i have drawn before, my little kid vampire and try w=something new with him.like him sending his bats out to catch some prey!

day 262

carrying on the monster mash, here's a version of the mummy as a kid!
think i will try and do some more of these characters as kids liking the style!

day 260 some quick ref sketches

some quick ref sketches

day 259 lots of monster designs!

day 259

some character designs for some monsters who are scary but misunderstood. theres also a random beaver!

day 255-258 buff squirrels and simplistic angels

day 255
lol heres a buff squirrel, drawing some muscles, not sure why a squirrel. i'm betting inspired by something silly found on the internet!

day 256
this is a mushu style dragon!
day 257a little praying angel, sweet and simple but also a little sad.

day 258
not much time to draw as we went to see south park bigger longer and uncut at the prince charles. it was a singalong so we had sheet music.it was hilarious!

day 251 to 254 nans birthday

day 251

back from my trip abroad, i return home to my family visiting me in londontown, for my nan's birthday. i give her a pressie i got from disney (an xmas tree decoration) and then we head to buckingham palace for its open day to tour the state rooms and see the wedding dress kate middleton aka prince william's new wifey wore for her wedding. it was really good and bit surreal walking round the palace.we then went to the new westfield stratford which was mega busy but nice. it had a forever 21, which made me very happy. so not much time for doodles, shall make up tomorrow when i have more time!

day 252

and here is something with a bit more effort, based off of yesterday's activities, a royal doggy!
day 253
here are some random doodles from the day:

day 254another page of random doodles, some stuck in too.like my little angel thing and the mouse with squinty eyes

day 247-250 our trip to disneyland paris

disneyland wooo!
day 247
the day before was packing and then a trip on the eurostar to paris!i'm gonna write a bit then put all four days drawings up one after the other!
a long journey and lots of tv shows later we arrive at the hotel where we can see the earful tower in disney from our hotel window :D then we head straight off on the train into central paris for dinner and drinks which is lovely but the usual 'no veggie food' in paris prevails and i end up with a very plain risotto. the next dya we are up and out early as we have a free shuttle to disneyland and an early entry pass woo!did i mention this week is like the hottest of the year so it is boiling hot for a late september holiday!after getting and going straight on space mountain 2, which is insane we head round the park acting the tourists!loved the runaway train the best, think its the best one at any of the disneyland parks. we manage to get round a lot of the park and then head in the sister park walt disney studios and go on the tower of terror which is awesome as always!after heading out into downtown disney for a well deserved beer at the end of the day.
the next day we head into paris and go up the eiffel tower.i say go up, we actually walked up!at least til the 2nd floor then got the lift to the very top.its strange to think the last time i came here was 10 years ago on our last school trip before we left school. time does fly! we then went to the catacoombes which was amazing, loads and loads of dead bodies all under the paris streets in creepy dim tunnells!horror movie stuff indeed! we then wandered round the city til late.the next day was another day in disneyland and we got on everthing we missed on the other day. i managed to buy myself a lovely new yoda stitch teddy and some pins for the collection :) then we sadly had to make our way back to the eurostar.all in all a great break!

tired bjarni!a very stereotypical french guy!a yappy french doggie and dale from the rescue rangers!

well well well if it isn't simon pig!a more realistic version of him. he came with us on our trip and enjoyed disneyland immensly. he oinked in my ear he wants to go to the florida or LA version next!

two suckies then disneyland fun!

day 245
some crazy weird monkey thing, roughy based off a scratchy squiggle in form.

day 246
lol this is an alien that was on futurama...it likes to dance!as thats how it comunicates!
now to pack for disneyland paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 240 to 244! cats dogs and skullies!

day 240

heres day 240, a nice bolt esk dog! and randomly some sushi! as that was for dinner!yum yum to veggie sushi!
day 241
a quick sketch actually into my framestore notepad that i've ripped out and added in. this guy is in pain by the looks of things!there are so many extra doodles in my fs pads, i could have even more doodles on this page if i had time!dailies is all about notetaking on your shot in the dark so not so much there, but phone discussions, now thats a time for doodles!

day 242
back to my usual horror theme here, a skully grinning away, my version of barrell from nightmare before christmas and a little bat just for fun!
also an additional hand creeping up from the bottom of the page!

day 243
discussing kittens with bjarni as the internet is so full of cute kitties and he said his old cat was called 'mausley' which i thought was how it was said and spelt but in fact its more like meowsay!so here is a quickie of the diddums!
day 244
still inspired by meowsay! lol still can't spell it right!this ones more shaggy and older!

23 Jan 2012

day 365!in the real world, blog still lagging!

i made it!one year of the daily zoo!wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
not sure what today's drawing will be, perhaps one of me, celebrating making a whole year of drawing everyday :)

last nights was a late night post cinema scribble of a mission impossible style heist, inspired by the 4th movie in the franchise.

anyway in celebration on 365 days of the daily zoo, i am announcing that the zoo will continue.... YEAR TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as of tomorrow we start day 366!

7 Jan 2012

a frog a dog and a mouse!

day 238
did a frog study, something more realistic and then a smiley one at the bottom!

day 239heres a sad dog, he looks old and wise!
this is an updated version of brian mouse, my character i have drawn for years and years!

days 233 to 237 devils and meercats

day 233

a small cute marsupial now hanging from a tree!

day 234

a girl having some friendly meercats climb over her!

day 235
this little sprite is firepowered!

day 236

very quick doodle today, some blob mice with little feet


some more quick crappy doodles. like the penguin, although he looks like he's doing a nazi salute!

day 331 and 332

day 331

bit of true romance this eve after having dinner with the danish guys. love that movie, so drew a quick version of christian slater as a dog!

day 332
some quick crappy sketches of some animals

day 227 to 230

day 227
some robot fun, after watching robots again!
day 228
bit of biro work while sat at my desk, a tiny monkey creature, surrounded by oranges.hope he's hungry!

day 229
getting a bit historical, some kind of muskateer of some sort!

day 230

lol wolverine style guy

days 224 225 and 226

day 224
here is the possessed goat from 'drag me to hell', awesome part of the movie!

day 225hehehehe!was thinking of denver the last dinosaur and created my own mid nineties teenage dinosaur!he's a raptor and was influenced also by chris ayres work

day 226

some human form work
then some human cartoonish characters.like the woman on the bottom right

5 Jan 2012

gorilla time! day 220 to 223

day 220
gorilla time, this gorilla is roaring out! we went to see rise of the planet of the apes on this day and i was obviously influenced

day 221the otter seems pretty down with it!the larger one...not so much, zombie otter is looking for braaaaaaaaaiiinnnsss!!!


not so much a zombie, but a very stiff rabbit..caaarrrrrroootttsss!!!

day 223

looks like billie has been in a fight!he also doesn't notice the three eyed lizard sat above him!

days 217 218 and 219 stripes and stretch!!!!!!!!!!

day 217
whoa!bit of a close up!heres a zebra, he's looking riiight atcha!

day 218
a toucan!like his stripes on his beak and his stern gaze

its a weiner dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and he is very long!and he knows it lol! wiener dogs are awesome dogs and funny to look at!

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