5 Jan 2012

film updates!

just thought i'd interject into the blog with some film updates on what i've been working on in the last year as two have been released and the last one comes out next week.

in order of release (but not the order i worked on them, tisk tisk spielberg for holding back joey til this year!)

johnny english reborn (look out for some blue snow and a faulty umbrella=months of my life!)

next up here's sherlock holmes: a game of shadows
lotss of camera shake, paint work on a certain snowy (again!) fistfight, various shizzle on a train and some groovy sherlock slowmo action!

and lastly warhorse. three words sum up my involvement of this film: the trench run!

hope people go see the flicks and enjoy them!

heres the trailer for warhorse to wet the appetite


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