22 Aug 2011

day 151 to 154 knee issues and jo's wedding!

day 151
todays post represents the problem i've been having with my knee for 6 months :( after tripping over a paving stone in october on the way to work to finally going to a doctor and having various test/xrays, ive found out i have torn and bruised the tendons that join my knee together. this sucks as the physio thinks because of my talapes i had as a child in that leg (damn docs should have fixed it when i was a baby) which means my leg is twisted and i don't distribute my weight correctly due to a turned knee and ankle, its making it harder to heal.
these two drawings show how it hurts before the codiene and how numb and good it feels after...maybe a bit extreme but its how i feel lol!

152lol this is for bjarni...its marco!the donkey!


jo's wedding!
back for the day in pompey for jo's wedding, was a lovely day, great seeing all my girlfriends at home.lots of lovely pics taken too!jo looked lovely.only had time for a quick doodle.not sure why i drew a cat bride, jo's not that into cats!oh well its wedding themed!


rushed back from pompey to go to work as deadlines are looming in on johnny english 2. so quick time to draw a dog, one of those little american bulldog type dogs.kinda cute i guess!

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