11 Aug 2011

days 144-147

day 144

more mouse!i think there are gonna end up being more mice than any other animal in these sketchbooks by the end of the year!madness!he's kinda stocky and smiley!

day 145

a bad day, its kind of a budgie or something,he is so not happy!probably cos i didnt spend enough effort on him!
day 146
kung fu pow!!!!!!!!!!!!!so kung fu/karate style animals!bit of an improvement on yesterdays bird!

day 147
lol another bad drawing day, some rushed angry birdies!

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manjowithane said...

Nice to see all the updates flowing in Amy. Keep up the good work!

Hey, I'm Amy Davis! I am a character designer/compositor/animator who currently works for the VFX studio Framestore. Enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me at amy_davis86@hotmail.co.uk and on 07515060296.