1 Aug 2011

days 130, 131 and 132 end of book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these are the last entries in book two...onto book three wooo!

130: some gris grimly study but have taken the style and applied it to my own similar animals.bit odd but kinda cute!day 131 and a trip to university college hospital again :/
my knee has been causing me agony so back to docs i went on an emergency appointment who then sent me to the hospital for xrays :/ luckily nothing broken but back to the docs for more tests to find out whats wrong eeeekkkk. so i drew my doc who took my xray!bear style!

the end of book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!here is day 132, done at a party quite late at night after seeing my drunk friend rob being filmed talking to a fake parrot who sat on your shoulder.figured that was a sign for the animal to end book 2 so here he is:

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