22 Aug 2011

day 151 to 154 knee issues and jo's wedding!

day 151
todays post represents the problem i've been having with my knee for 6 months :( after tripping over a paving stone in october on the way to work to finally going to a doctor and having various test/xrays, ive found out i have torn and bruised the tendons that join my knee together. this sucks as the physio thinks because of my talapes i had as a child in that leg (damn docs should have fixed it when i was a baby) which means my leg is twisted and i don't distribute my weight correctly due to a turned knee and ankle, its making it harder to heal.
these two drawings show how it hurts before the codiene and how numb and good it feels after...maybe a bit extreme but its how i feel lol!

152lol this is for bjarni...its marco!the donkey!


jo's wedding!
back for the day in pompey for jo's wedding, was a lovely day, great seeing all my girlfriends at home.lots of lovely pics taken too!jo looked lovely.only had time for a quick doodle.not sure why i drew a cat bride, jo's not that into cats!oh well its wedding themed!


rushed back from pompey to go to work as deadlines are looming in on johnny english 2. so quick time to draw a dog, one of those little american bulldog type dogs.kinda cute i guess!

days 149 and 150

day 149

was time for some different reference, decided to use my big book of 100 years of horror movies for something to draw. i decided on a quick sketch from 'the company of wolves' which involves a wolf coming out of a woman's mouth. next up was an alien from alien!
day 150 (one hundred and fifty days wow!)

unfortunatly not much to report at the 150day mark, an m&m man!also a doggie!whos a bit dim by the looks of things!

days 148-kung fu panda!

decided to draw a baby po from kungfu panda!was a good film, quite sad and very very cute!so was inspired to doodle something cute!

11 Aug 2011

days 144-147

day 144

more mouse!i think there are gonna end up being more mice than any other animal in these sketchbooks by the end of the year!madness!he's kinda stocky and smiley!

day 145

a bad day, its kind of a budgie or something,he is so not happy!probably cos i didnt spend enough effort on him!
day 146
kung fu pow!!!!!!!!!!!!!so kung fu/karate style animals!bit of an improvement on yesterdays bird!

day 147
lol another bad drawing day, some rushed angry birdies!

day 142 and 143

day 142

back to london and off we go to see derren brown and omg he was awesome, so so wtf and creepy and amazing!i have no idea how he done any of it and he really picked on people.lots of audience participation.he's well worth catching if you get the chance. derren was wearing a tails style suit so i drew one similar on my dog, he could be a magician/illusionist!

day 143

urghhh a sore subject but influenced by real life and someone's disgusting and insane marmite in tea fetish!urghhhh so fucking disgusting yuck!anyway this piece is entitled 'meat please'

days 136-141 Isle of Wight Festival 2011!!!!!

Days 136-141 weds through mon!

not much to say about the drawings as they were all pretty rushed due to time constraints and lots and lots of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got another me screaming at foos! and a genie and some bugs!another assortment!

the festival was great and a great laugh as usual.we had quite a large group of us and plenty of booze...2 wine, 1 cup....alan!foos were fantastic as usual and the sunday was soooooooooooooo wet (as demonstrated in my days doodle!) absolutely rained like mad was crazy wet all day.it didn't spoil the fun though and i'm still trying to get rid of the dodgy tan lines from it!heres to iow 2012!

days 133-135

day 133 some gris grimley inspired doodles, i like the mouse and his loss of tail!

day 134
not sure why i drew a fat guy....................he's tubby and has moobs!day 135!

some random doodles, a pig, a mouse and some sunglasses?!not sure what i was thinking that day!

1 Aug 2011

days 130, 131 and 132 end of book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these are the last entries in book two...onto book three wooo!

130: some gris grimly study but have taken the style and applied it to my own similar animals.bit odd but kinda cute!day 131 and a trip to university college hospital again :/
my knee has been causing me agony so back to docs i went on an emergency appointment who then sent me to the hospital for xrays :/ luckily nothing broken but back to the docs for more tests to find out whats wrong eeeekkkk. so i drew my doc who took my xray!bear style!

the end of book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!here is day 132, done at a party quite late at night after seeing my drunk friend rob being filmed talking to a fake parrot who sat on your shoulder.figured that was a sign for the animal to end book 2 so here he is:

day 127 128 and 129

127:weird simpson esq head alien thing!not sure what!

another random, a sloth like character who kind of reminds me of my mate joe's illustrations.

129:after those drawings i went for something cute on day 129 a baby badger having a nap! :)

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