20 Aug 2014

Couple of classics.....

Non gig shirts post now as I dig through my rather large Beatles and The Clash collection!
 My mate Zena got me this, not usually a fan of shirts with people's actual faces on (prefer a design) but I like this one as its black and white so a good choice!

Classic album next, Amplified do great shirts with iconic album covers on them and I couldn't resist this London Calling shirt as I love this album. This is an example of album art done right and I wear this shirt a lot as grey goes with everything! Brilliant band, fabulous album. For my fave Clash album though I have another item of clothing that I believe is my most expensive band related piece of merch I own and as such they live in their box and are never ever worn in the rain.
These are my limited edition The Clash Converse that I had to go to the Converse store on Carnaby Street on release day to obtain. They fucking rule, the materials are much more luxurious than regular Chucks and the detailing is fab. Each of the released Chucks in the line were based around the colour and design of a different Clash album and I plumped for their debut as its my favourite. The badges do click though when I walk which is entertaining! I've owned these for about 5 years and out of all of my shoes these bad boys look the newest cos I guard them like a hawk, no rain allowed! Its a rare day when I wear them out! This won't be the last time sneakers 'sneak' onto this list either!


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