20 Aug 2014

NOFX keeping punk rock elite!

NOFX at Reading Festival 25th-28th Aug 2005

First time seeing one of my all time favourite bands and they didn't disappoint. Part punk rock, part comedy show, Fat Mike took the heaving mosh pit and got them to go mental. Me and my mates decided to head in and it was insane! The boys all decided before jumping into the pit that they'd all go shirtless which was quite the sight and lurking somewhere is an excellent/hilarious photo of them all posing reading to dive in but alas I can't find it, pre digital cameras at gig era it being! They played a greatest hits set which Fat Mike as always hates to do and did it in front of their teeny tiny backdrop which looked amazingly silly on the huge Reading main stage.

Onto the shirt and its another fake shirt again! Bought on the long road that leads from Reading town centre to the festival site. I think the lettering was faded already when I bought it but given its NOFX, it kinda fits their haphazard-ly sloppy style and I like that. Its a well worn friend and I love it in all its weirdly shrunken glory!

This was my second Reading so I was a heck of a lot more prepared than the first time. Good old Shannon the tent did us well and going in a big group this time made it all the more fun. Reading 2005 also marks the first time I saw a certain Frank Turner or as I knew him, the long haired front man from Million Dead. Anyway this festival will come up again as my favourite Dave headlined this year aswell so more to come!

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