2 Mar 2011

Day 30, 31, 32 and 33 (FOO DAY!)

Day 30
Not much to tell....a nonplussed cow and a Chris Sanders inspired cat.... This is what happens when your day is rush rush rush with deadlines and flat viewings...the good news is...we saw the flat! It's half built but perfect...Stayed tuned...
Day 31
More work work work...which means...more horses!!!!!!!!! Only today whilst rendering I made Joey a little less butch...and a lot more camp...

Unicorn time!

day 32

Not much time at all for zoo as deadlines loom...heres some rough pen sketches I made:

Day 33 Foo-day!!!!!!!!

Today I finish work slightly earlier than the last few nigths (10pm eeek!) and go see my favourite band in the whole wide world the Foo Fighters :D

Its a good day also for a number of reasons, knowing I can't take my sketchbook into the front of a mosh pit, I plan ahead and draw 2 drawings after midnight (so technically Friday) and sketch out a drumming fool... (could be an excited me!) and a rabbit girl. I then add a seal to the mix at 8am, happy that I will continue the zoo the next day as normal after Foo-day is done.
Then at work we get a great suprise...We got our flat!!!!Woo! So I head off to Wembley Arena a very happy bunny indeed....And they were fantastic! Check out my fb for more pics....

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