16 Mar 2011

day 48 sloth 49 50 and 51 the end of the horse of war

day 48 and i drew something a little close home ;P a creature that reminds me of bjarni in the morning...a sloth! also this marks a first for the zoo, a landscape image using the edge of the paper as part of the picture!love him!another thing to celebrate is the first saturday off work in ages woooooooooooooo! we celebrated with a trip to the new flat to see how it was progressing, a wander round camden and a trip to the beatles store ooooooooooooo!!! then out for drinks in east london with olly and anna. was very good!

day 49
not much to say....i rushed the zoo due to relaxing :/ so reverted to what i know, my billie character and a mouse!

DAY 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I MADE 50 DAYS OF THE ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome!i'm quite happy about it, heres to the next 50!!!!!!!!!!!!

drew from the weekly poker class.....a king of hearts! and a scary looking dog ornament that was on the mantle piece of the pub...and we arrive at day 51! the end of warhorse! submitted my last piece of work for the horse this eveing...phew!that was super tough!this compositing lark is blooming hard but awesome fun. i'm looking forward to johnny english 2 now!!!! let the games begin again tomorrow!

heres a giraffe

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