15 Mar 2011

Days 39, 40, 41,42

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!horses are driving me crazy!

now thats out my system... day 39 and today was a sad day, was frustrated at work and with how stuff was going so heres my sad hangdog bloodhound for the day

boooo :( day 40 feeling much more happy and with a new found energy i set off to work and had a much better day, although less time for drawing so heres another JOEY!bit lame this time but also a tortoise to make up for it

so we move onto day 41 and work on a saturday booooooooo!i used the time on the tube to rough out some tortoise ideas i had, clinging onto a car and being dragged along and finalised it after work at bjarni's house and was quite pleased with the result.then we settled down to watch...the human centipede?!wtf was that movie its hilarious and very very silly...watch it!

next day and back to work again for day 42 of the daily zoo!!!!!!!!had some time in the morning before heading off to work to draw while eating breakfast...guess which cereal i had? :P

then added a winter version of me later int he day while rendering, just cos! like the style bit different to how i normally draw me

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