2 Mar 2011

Days 26,27,28 and 29!

After finishing work and heading down to Bjarni's floor, I found my friend's Sam and Sean playing Bjarni in a game of poker. After gaining some...interesting suggestions from Sam on what to add to the zoo today, I ended up with a warthog and an axolotl (think thats the spelling?!)...the world's happiest salamander! Very cute, please google him! I then joined the game and lost...oh well!

After a short evening out, we then moved onto Day 27.............Househunt day eeeeeekkk! A day of rushing around to find a place to live. Not too much luck but booked solid all enxt week in lunchbreaks so fingers crossed for a good one! The day was knackering but good in the evening after we headed to a local pub to meet Sean and his girlf for the secret comedy club where we saw a secret gig of the wonderful Dave Gorman (of googlewack fame) and Chris Addison which was brilliant :) Then we collapsed back at Bjarni's! So in honour of 'moving' theme I drew a hermit crab, because they move house as it were by getting a new shell when they like... Also theres a guy straining to pick up a rock....drawn far too near the top of the paper and a fox and a tiny dog!So onto Day 28 we go...and the tiredness continues as I am a fool and...HEAD TO WORK ON A SUNDAY eeeek! It's not too bad and I get a lot done, hence not much zoo-age til later. We head to see 'Paul' the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie (whom I adore) and its great quite geeky and funny. So the zoo creature of the day is quite similar to the main star....and he's out of this world!

Day 29 and back to work again! Today's is a mix bag...the main picture inspired by Luke who I sit with...the DuckTigre!!!!!!!!!!!!

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