16 Mar 2011

days 43 44 and 45 work eats my soul!

day 43

less productive on the zoo front urgghh lame elephant thing and a little stick man to show how i was feeling this monday morning...i don't like mondays...tell me why?! i don't like mondays!!

next up another poker night at the champion with sean and bjarni and only one drawing tonight as i joined in for some gambling!and failed but was good fun!
like the kittie!

day 45 beacons and after a few weeks of very very late nights i decide to have a night off and go see a movie with bjarni. we saw 'rango' and its great, just beautifully done and the renders and detail!also very adult in theme and language, just excellent, congrats ILM!
here are some rango themed doodles from after the screening....

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