2 Mar 2011

Day 35, 36, 37 and 38

Day 35.... After a relax and see my friend Ashley who gives me a belated birthdat pressie, I draw a Whoopie Pie as mum baked some and they are delicious yum yum!!!!American snack foods rule!!!!!
Also after watching a Red Dwarf omnibus on my mum's t.v I draw a weird robot cat...not to be confused with the character Kat from the show!

It's cold outside theres no kind of atmosphere, all alone, more or less!!!!!!!!!!

Day 36

After a trip to the dentist (owch) I return straight to London for work with a numb face (booooooo!) and carry on til late at work. Then I head to Bjarni's to fill in our paperwork for the new flat...this was time then zoo time and I ended up with a platypus (for my aussie friend Heath!) and a rabbit for Bjarni whose exposed bottom is leaving him a little worried!

day 37 (1st March!)

Wow kept this going now woooo! I love the zoo, it gives me focus no matter how busy or stressed. Today's number was done while waiting for Bjarni to finish work, you guessed it...uber late! Any other job kicks out at 6pm but not VFX we are hardcore! i drew this from Bjarni's desk...it's Buddy Bear, the icelandic polar bear craddling his 'polar beer' that I got him for his desk...

day 38:

I stayed with the bear theme today..heres a Chris Sanders inspired speed piece again.....

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India Barnardo said...

The bears are so cute!

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