21 Mar 2011

days 55, 56 and 57 better!

starts off slow with some rushed skelton birds, kind of like skelanimals i suppose.was looking at the rubber duckies on my pjs and made a skeleton version.

next up and after a hectic weekend after seeing the room on friday night (freaking hilarious, best worst movie ever made!) then out and about in east london on sat, hense just the ducks to show for it. i had some time on sunday to sketch an animal in the morning and i reverted to my old fave, a capuchen monkey ie: marcel from friends!although this monkey is not so chipper!

so we move onto day 57!

and today was a new week to work on shots, its also move week as come saturday i am camden bound! i am also very very poor atm due to the flat so in order to buy green day's new album, i had to use up my hmv voucher i got for my birthday.only spending i can do is off gift cards doh!

anyho so in honour of hmv which now owes my last £10 (store credit i suppose so their £10 really) i looked into a bit more of the history of 'his master's voice' (thats what hmv stands for dontcha know. mainly the logo as ive always know for some odd reason the dog is called nipper (i got this right on a test hmv set me when i once applied to be an employee (many moons ago, pre-animation time). so in honour of old nipper and his curious expression at the old grammerphone, heres a nice punked up version of nipper :D
anyway back to the packing.......!

1 comment:

"TORI CAT" said...

Ha Ha!!
Love this Amy!!
punked up Nipper Rocks!!! :P

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