7 Feb 2011


Good day, although lots of work to do and things to sort out so very hectic! Thought what to draw? What to draw? Hmm how about me?! So I did :D I did indeed get cake from Lee and Adam, Hummingbird cake to be precise! Went for lunch with my friends from Bournemouth Molly and Jon which was lovely. Lots of cards and little pressies but best of all...Bjarni spoilt me rotten! I had a suprise dinner at The Savoy Grill in The Savoy Hotel (uber posh!) then he took me to see 'Ghost Stories' the cool Horror play thats running, was great although hilarious and not (to me anyway) scary! The guy's wetting their pants with their coats over their heads in front of me however seemed scared shitless hahahah!
All in all a wonderful day :) xxxx

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