2 Feb 2011

DaY 4 and 5!

Here are the posts for days 4 and 5...done while at work. The first one was after reading a news story about a gorilla at Kent Zoo that has taught himself to walk upright like a human...the video made me laugh so I figured draw from life (well the screen) of some in action shots and I liked the back profile quite a bit as it's a different view to usual sketches....so here he is:

Next up is Friday wooooo! I was on my way back to Pompey that evening for my early birthday celebrations with friends and family so decided to get a haircut for the occasion. This inspired me to draw a hairdresser themed daily zoo..which wnded up being.. Barry the Walrus Barber!

I also found out I start my new job on Tuesday when I return..........a junior compositor at Framestore! Nervous eeeek!

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