16 Feb 2011

Told you they'd be more horses.......

Day 22.......... And there he is again! Monday morning means only one thing on my mind..Warhorse...so heres another Joey for you :D

Another animal to note is Petunia the spider. I doodled her after a lunchtime chat about my friend Andi and her bizarre choice in next pet although it won't be happening if Adam gets his way! She watched a clip about a giant bird eating spider called zilla that was a pet and boy was she huge. The size of a small dog heheh, I actually thought she was quite cute for a spider (too big really, it was like a dog scurring around) although I certainly would not like her on me! I promptly sent my arachniphobic mother the video making sure to delete all traces of the word spider so she was not best pleased with me muhahahah!

Onto the next day: Day 23 is a pathetic addition to The Daily Zoo, I can only apologise...Too many house viewing stuff to sort out and too much work left me with zero time for scribbles so heres the result...rubbish!

Day 24:

Hopefully brings better attempts than that sorry state!
Heres two pages, one is just a couple of animal doodles, a duck and a cute squishee bear, then the next page is inspired by my new books Bjarni got me for Valentines Day. They are written by legendary Disney artist Walt Stanchfield and the two volumes are called: Drawn to Life: 20 Years of Disney Masterclasses. This was the guy who taught drawing,sketching, life drawing and animation to people at the Disney Studios. The guy himself worked there from the 50's up til towards the end of the century and taught newer Disney legends his craft (Glen Keane, Brad Bird, Tim Burton and John Lasseter to name a few). The books are great full of inspirational drawings and I look forward to pouring over the teachings and maybe influencing what appears on this blog in the future, Great gift Bjarni thank you!xxx


India Barnardo said...

Keep it up Amy! Love the bear!

India Barnardo said...

Oh and I have to add - More Joey drawings! :D. No doubt there will be :)

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