16 Feb 2011

Days 20 and 21

Day 20: Saturday arrives and crazy flat hunting commences..very busy. Had time to doodle this little sketch of a kangeroo meeting a croc.

Then after watching the oddly disturbing and hilarious and sad movie 'Grizzly Man' about a guy who spends 13 summers living with bears in remote Alaska and then ultimatly gets eaten by one, I felt like adding a bear to today's proceedings.Day21: Still felt in a bear mood on the Sunday so heres some more bears and a odd 'kevin from UP' kinda bird I doodled before an excellent day at London Dungeon and walking from London Bridge to Oxford Circus via all sorts of things, Mounument, St Paul's, fancy malls, Yates dinners, Long Island Ice Teas and westerns starring Jeff Bridges (True Grit).

1 comment:

India Barnardo said...

kevin is my fav!

I think you should do some more bears though, really nice shapes to work with :)

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