2 Feb 2011

Days 6, 7, 8 and 9...

Yikes thats a lot of updates! So days 6,7,8 AND 9 arrive! First up is Saturday's choice...a content looking frog.drawn in the living room of my mum's house while she watched shit tv! He's nice nothing fancy but in good ol' blue pencil first then outlined in HB.
URRGGGG! The next drawings are awful...went out for a night out with friends on the saturday....a picture of a spontanius daily zoo will grace this wall soon (when Em sends me the picture
lol!) but til then these are the pitiful attemps i made on Sunday afternoon, not hungover just tired and uninspired to draw.Very lazy but at least I tried 3 times!

Right to make up for that mess, after a lovely day of lunch at Las Iguanas with mum and some birthday shopping for the both of us, it was time to return to LondonTown....only National Rail had other plans......I got to the station at 3.30...I got back to Brixton at 8pm! (This is usually a 2hour at the maxium trip btw) damn electrical faults and squished trains urghh!Luckily Bjarni met me at the station to make me feel better :) All this train time gave me the chance to do a detailed character sketch. Based off the mexican/latino vide from the resturant I drew 'Bandito' the Mexican Raccoon! Like the design and could add some colour in future as I had plenty of time to work on the linework!

Finally Day 9 and the day of the start of my new job (same studio, different position). Needless to say it was a little overwhelming but good to concentrate on something and have a more artisic imput. I'm working on 'Warhorse', which is based off a book that got made into a play and is now a movie by a certain Mr Spielberg! Very exciting and challenging. Hopefully the movie will be great. As I was busy today, this was sketched out on the steps of our main staircase late at work and really captures how I felt this morning, wacom at the ready and paintwork galore waiting.....Here's Joey!

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India Barnardo said...

awesome! Keep it up :D

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