16 Feb 2011

Days......16,17,18 and 19!

Roll up!!!!!!!!!!!!Due to insane business and finding a new flat-ness (eeek!) I have been slow on the upload of the zoo this last week. Although no matter how little time, I've always managed something for the day so onwards there will be a few posts :P

Day 16: Pub Doodling......Heres what happens when you go meet your friends after work for a quick lesson in poker, I doodled these while waiting for their game to finish so I could join in...pretty random collection..hamsters, old fashioned policemen and snazzy snakes!

After that little collection, we move onto day 17 which was done after watching the new movie 'The Fighter' at the cinema. Pretty decent flick go check it out. Note there are no boxing dogs in the movie unfortunatly...just Marky-Mark Wahlberg and Christian 'I'm BATMAN' Bale!

Day 18: Is pretty poor, tube drawings of some guys done after an afternoon watching some animated college sitcoms..meh..I have better characters in me!

Lastly day 19: Done while waiting for renders of my most lovely horse roto of Joey.....I doodled a duck (after seeing Kate's comp with a goose in it) and then fell back to drawing from the screen...Joey again. Prepare for lots of horses people....

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